bonks maps


Sep 16, 2018
ur marjs house
I'm bonk and I map sometimes :D

Made a nice little lobby for my friend's pursuit server, my first request.

A club I made not really for a server, really just to test my skills and see if I enjoy it, which I really do. It's an album.

Made it for my business on a different server. It's supposed to be the inside of a trailer that's next to a Pay & Spray.

Made this for my mate's server, police are meant to spawn outside of Idlewood and then they raid the house, this is the INT they get spawned in and then criminals have to defend the house, I've tried my best to make it fair for both sides.

Request made for someone for their deathmatch server lobby, spent a total of 5/6 hours on it and it has 142 objects. Loosely based the first room from the bathroom scene in SAW and the second room is just a general room I thought about myself, it is supposed to resemble a sort of trap house as it seems I love making those!

If I think I can map it I'll definitely do it, if you want me to map something for you hmu.

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