[SAN NEWS] Weapon Charges for Rogue Lawyer


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Sep 24, 2018

2:19 PM Friday, August 2, 2019, Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Vice City Police have confirmed that this morning infamous Vice City attorney Suki Ito was arrested at Escobar International Airport in relation to alleged firearms offenses.
Sources within the Vice City Police Department are reporting that Suki Ito's fingerprints were found on a 9mm Handgun recovered from the scene of a crime in Liberty City. It is understood that Suki Ito was only recently cleared on public nuisance charges after finishing a stint in rehab. Also of concern is Suki Ito's alleged connection to Armando Cadaval, son of Vice City drug kingpin Simon Cadaval.

Earlier today Suki Ito's attorney Herman Goldstein, gave an exclusive phone interview to San News:

"First of all lets be clear, as of yet Ms Ito has not been charged with an offense. My client reported that firearm stolen several weeks ago. It behooves both the Vice City and Liberty City Police Departments to investigate such reports before jumping to baseless conclusions. It is quite clear what has happened here, a firearm was stolen from my client and then used in a subsequent crime either by the thief or someone connected to them, there is no case to answer here but the serious ineptitude of local law enforcement on this matter. Really, what business do the Police have in charging victims of theft for the actions of the people who steal from them? This an an abuse of process, and the result of lazy police work"

"What about Ms Ito's alleged connection with Armando Cadeval?"

"Well for a start, its 'Cadaval' not 'Cadeval' Karen. And please, Armando Cadaval is a Vice City playboy who throws wild parties for the sake of social media clout; if anything I'm a little concerned that the boy would blow $500 a bottle on Platinum Patron, only to titillate giggle headed college girls and Instagram models; though I can appreciate his fondness for pre-embargo Cuban Cigars, that's class."

"Are you not concerned about the implications of such a connection for your client, given who his father is?"

"Look Karen, there really is no story here, and frankly I'm getting tired of being expected to comment on gossip, this interview is over".

This has been Karen Hall with San News, Los Santos.
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