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Jan 26, 2018

Hello all.

I'm Sqreix and I've been here in the server ever since this forum opened up. I've also been a constant follower of the server executives (Lenny & DiNozzo) back in their ADRP days so I've been here for quite a long time now.

The servers I used to play are OGRP, a little bit of LSRP and LVRP. I was a previous server administrator for OGRP (ugh) and LVRP. My characters were Alfonze McGee, Antonius Mercadejas, Vincentius Mercadejas, Kazuoki Myoui, and Izanagi Myoui.

To others that are completely clueless of who I am, I'm a Filipino who has been roleplaying for more than three years now. I am a person that you can chill with unless you start getting on my nerves. I'm fond of the Japanese culture and vaporwave aesthetics. I love 70's-2000's music, classic. But I am open to modern music, of course.

My plans for the server is to lead a Japanese crime syndicate, also known as Yakuza in hopes to develop it into a bigger enterprise along with my trusted core members, 1@Ashenlily[/USER], 1@Rattle189[/USER], Yoshiro, Jesterical, and many more. The population of the faction will depend on how much people would show their interest on and how we'll be able to manage them.

So I guess that's it. I hope you learned something about me because I'm not a god damn school teacher.

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Sep 24, 2018
Looking forward to roleplaying with you in game. In my past; I've also dabbled quite a bit in Yakuza RP, maybe again one day.
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Dec 27, 2018
Didn't know there's another Filipino here. Didn't even heard of you on LSRP. Welcome man!
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