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  1. Today
  2. Lol I probably will. Looks promising.
  3. who says ur getting governor?! 😠
  4. A Machiavellian Governor who likes to resort to deceptive and shrewd tactics to preserve his office and power.
  5. A glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.
  6. A pile of clothes and a set of earbuds.
  7. More gun models, for example you may have a colt in your hand but the script could make 5 different versions of the colt, for example: one could be a Glock, another could be a Sig Sauer. You would have the same gun model in your hand, but one could have different damages so it would cost more or less.
  8. Yesterday
  9. its called a C-Mag lol, I was expecting two 33's taped together from the title
  10. could u possibly have made worse screens?
  11. Last week
  12. Being careful with words and sentences won't help much in my opinion. It'd be more for just your command. Any person who thinks along can put 1 and 1 together and figure out what you're actually doing in the car/ glove compartment. It's just a small detail that won't make much of a difference. And taking evidence for me, as the weapon carrier would be just useless. Because there's no valid evidence that could prove that he didn't see the weapon or something. I'd have to screenshot every 5 seconds to stack up valid evidence that I can later be presented to an admin as to meta gaming case. And even then, time that would be put in from admins to match all evidence to the actual timestamps and going through logs and all of that? Complete fuck fest. We all need to understand that admins are human being too and if they have to go through all of that just because of meta gaming case, it'd be boring and time consuming for them. We can't do that to them. Commands that you are saying won't help because at the same time, I could say - why bother making role play commands around people who won't see my actions anyhow? I could just do /me reaches dashboard. And keep all the commands to in my head, yes, that'd lose any chance of meta gaming of me putting a weapon away, but it'd drastically decrease the role play scene. My opinion only of course.
  13. Best thing I could suggest is that you choose carefully the words you insert in a roleplay line, and learn to clean up after them if you don't want it to get you in trouble. "Dave Axelson, with both hands lowered and hidden from plain sight, glances around while seated upright inside the car." "Dave Axelson maintains a laid-back facial expression as he reaches for the glove box, clutching and pulling it open." "Dave Axelson subtly and inconspicuously shoves in the 9mm to the very corner of the glove box and quickly retrieves a packet of wet wipes." "Dave Axelson shuts the glove box close, opens the pack, pulls out one piece and wipes his face with it as his left hand reaches up to adjust the rear view mirror." It'll take a lot to perform one simple action of concealing a small firearm, but it will, most likely, get the job done and save everyone the trouble. No need to be a specialist in constructing sentences as long as you're careful with words here. Some players really are just troublemakers, so don't forget to take screenshots in case you run into them morons and they attempt to ruin your day. File a report. You got your evidence.
  14. Agreed but it would be a lose cause. They'd say they witnessed you with a weapon, etc and it would be your word against his. Admins would be unable to deal with this issue as you might think. It'd be complete fuck fest with admin team and a big headache from everyone. Of course, if done correctly this would be great. But if you want this to work, now all of the phone calls done to 911 about someone having a weapon or doing a certain crime would require evidence backing of your character learning this information, seeing weapons, unedited version of screenshot with timestamp to prove the role play took place and looking into these cases would be a must. If this can be done, sure. Other than that, this would fail so fast.
  15. That's why we file reports on meta-gamers.
  16. True.. ppl do abuse that and call 911 “oocly” if only it was rp’d correctly then im okay with it.
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