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    ((ON THE OOC NOTE)) It has been a long time since our last update on the current development of the Vice City Police Department. Due to the importance and impact of our department, a few essential functions had to be properly laid out before we could continue. This being said, we are glad to announce that our lateral transferals will be officially opened up when the "Underground Roleplay" begins its journey and offers everyone announced opening dates. We are aware, that other department, such as Liberty City one has opened one already, and we are truly glad for them, but things being said, we are considering to only open our transferals before the game officially starts. Deliberations for this program began in December. A unanimous vote amongst our Command Staff, the department has decided to hold off on opening the program up to applicants. The department desires to reduce stagnation, fatigue and seeks to open the program within a few weeks of the opening date of "Underground Roleplay". Obvious being obvious, we will be accepting transferals from most of the other Departments, including Los Santos Roleplay, Red County Roleplay, Bay Area Roleplay, depending on the proof and such. If deemed necessary, an applicant may be given an abbreviated or full Field Training Program. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in a Vice City Police uniform.
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    1. Whack = (adj) used to describe something that is appalling in nature "That's whack!" 2. Grill = (v) to stare, usually impolitely; to give a dirty look "Fuck is you grilling nigga? Move." 3. To front/Fronting = (v) to lie; acting like you are something that you are not. "Stop fronting like you on that my nigga, no funny shit." 4. Cop = (v) to buy "I'm about to cop some chips, you want some?" 5. Catch these hands = phrase used to initiate a fight "If that girl keeps grilling me she can catch these hands." Variations: throw these hands; throw hands; catch this fade, let's shake. 6. Crusty = (adj) used to describe someone who is dirty or trashy "Girl, did you shower today? Your hair is looking all types of musty, dusty, and crusty." Synonyms: musty; dusty 7. Lit = (adj) used to describe someone or something that is amazing in every sense Variations: litty 8. Mad = (adv) very "Stay away from her, bro. She has mad problems." Synonyms: dumb; OD; stupid 9. Dumb = (adv) extremely "This party is dumb lit.", "I'm about to get DUMMY lit my nigga." Synonyms: mad; OD; stupid 10. Brick = (adj) very cold "Damn, it's mad brick out." 11. Tight = (v) to be upset "Stop running your fingers through my hair; you're getting me dumb tight." 12. Thirsty = (adj) desperate; (n) someone who is desperate "I didn't tag you in my photo because I don't want any thirsties following you." Variations: thirsties (n) 13. Buggin' = freaking out; acting up "My mom just asked me to clean all the dishes even though it's not my turn. She's buggin." Synonyms: wylin'/wildin' 14. Son = (n) a good friend "Of course I know him, that's my son!" Synonyms: B 15. B = (n) a good friend "What's good, B?" 16. Sus = shady or false *Short for "suspect" or "suspicious" "That shordy is mad sus for looking at me like that." 17. Deadass/dead = (adj) seriously "You're dead ass getting me tight, B.", "I dead got her number bro." *Could also be used as follows: "Dead ass?" = Are you serious? "Dead ass!" = Yes. 18. Guap = (n) money "Okay, this to all of my enemies that seeing me gettin' guap right now." -- Big Sean Synonyms: Mulah; dough; casheesh, breesh, shmula, shmoney 19. Grimey = (adj) used to describe a back-stabber "I'm telling you, bro. He's mad grimey, don't trust him." 20. You woulda thought = a more exciting way to say "no" "You woulda thought I was going to let you use my laptop to log on to your shady-ass websites." 21. OD/Ohdee/Odee = (adj) excessive; an abbreviation for "over-doing" "Man, my professor just assigned OD work on BlackBoard." Synonyms: mad; dumb 23. Facts = (adj) something that is rooted in truth "That's a fact, B." Synonyms: true, fizz, fizzy, fendi 25. Wavy = (adj) used to describe something that is cool or nice "I’m so wavy in the turbo Porsche, she so wavy in the new Mercedes" -- Ty Dolla $ign Synonyms: dope, lit(edited) 26. Kicks = (n) sneakers "Where'd you cop those kicks from?" 27. Beef = (n) having a fight or holding a grudge against another person or group of people "Tommy told me you guys have beef." 27. Wylin/Wildin = To be irrational, or to do something crazy. "This nigga ate my chips? Yeah that nigga is wyling, that's facts too." 28. Snuff = To punch or hit "Bro this nigga was grilling my shit mad hard no homo, I was about to snuff that nigga in his mouth." synonyms: Rock 29. Breesh- Money 30. Treesh- Thot, Hoe 31. Skeezah= Thot, Hoe 32. Cyph= To smoke weed(edited) 33. Go Black- To express anger "I'm about t go black on this nigga if he keep chatting bro" 34. Chatting= When someone is talking shit or lying "Bro this nigga did not cuff her bro, he fucking chatting" 35. Yerrrrr= A greet every new yorker uses 36. Bean= A dollar 37. "Word to my dead", "Word to my mother", "That's word too.", "Say word?" 38. "No Funny shit" = Being serious or synoym to deadass 39. My Guy, My guyzer = A friend 40. Wock = To move weird, to look suspicious "Bro that nigga moving wocky he sus" 41. Hollywood = "Just because this nigga got some money, he acting hollywood and shit" 42. "I'm not even gonna hold you" = To be honest 43. I'm about to get in my bag = "I'm about to get in my bag, you keep chatting, I'ma violate." 44. Gas/AMP = Instigating or making a situation worse/ Also means making something bigger than it is "Nigga he not that fly stop gassing him up", "Bro this shit not that serious stop amping and gassing it up." 45. Jack = Jack means your phone. It could also mean to steal. "Hit my jack later on." 46. Jackin = To claim "I'm jacking Rollin 60 Crip, cuzz." 47. Bodies = The amount of people you had sex with, or someone got killed 48. Dub = I'm not going to do it, cancelled "That party is a dub nigga I'm not going thats word too" 49. Clapped/Smacked/Lit = To be high or drunk 50. Spazz = To go crazy "I'ma spazz on this nigga" 51. Shake = To fight "He keep talkin hot shit, I'm about to shake with him" 52. No shade = To mean no offense "Yo bro no shade but your girl mad ugly.", "Not to throw shade, but you not that good at ball. 53. "You already know the vibes" 54. "I'm about to get LITE bro" = Synonym to getting lit 55. Rock = This has two meanings. It could mean to punch someone. Or to let someone relax for example "He not on shit bro, just let him rock my nigga." 56. Mook = Gay "Bro this nigga smacked Don's ass, he's fucking mook." 57. Cap = Lie. Synoym for chatting as well . "I got ten bodies bro, no cap.", "He really not on that bro he capping." 58. You shitting me? = You serious? 59. Shook = To be scared. "I ran up on him with the blick, I had him SHOOK. 60. Jatty = A fat ass on a female. "Bro you peep that baba treesh ova thea my nigga? SHE GOT THE JATTY, THATS WORD TOO" 61. Busshead = Something good. "No funny my nigga but that ox tail and rice was BUSSHEAD" 62. Chopped = Ugly. "She's fucking chopped my nigga." 63. Chuck = To fake or lie. Synoynm to cap. "All y'all niggas mad pussy, quit the chuck." This is all I could think of, comment or let me know if you remember more than me
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    The distance between LC and VC: 25 minutes with reefer boat, 8 to 9 minutes with Shamal airplane The Bot pilot will fly 8-9 minutes and you can see through the window travelling. Bot airlines will run only at set times, you can't tell IRL pilots when to fly and when not to as a passenger. If you want to get places on your own time you get a boat or a private jet. (Or use player owned companies later down the road that will have their flights if my suggestions implemented I guess.)
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    For the past couple weeks we have been daily sneakpeaks in the Discord, a lot of people may not have seen these so I put all of them in a video with some music.
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    INTRODUCTION It’s finally here, after the huge gap, Devblog #8 is here, bigger and better than ever as a Christmas gift from the UG:RP team to all of you who’ve supported us over this long journey and had your faith in us, nothing keeps us happier than you guys being on our side as we change the course of Roleplay as we know it, together. CAN'T TOUCH THIS As most of you already know, one of the features provided by UG:MP is custom animations; with the help of that, we’ve added quite a few dancing animations for you to enjoy, but the fun doesn’t stop there. You can learn new dancing moves by progressing and practicing with the interactive dance system. What is Interactive dance system you ask? With the I.D.S system, you can do different dancing moves with different key combinations, allowing you to do amazing and smooth combos, learning new moves as you go. New moves that you learn can include static/dynamic dance animations from which the dynamic ones will be available to use via the I.D.S system to make even greater dance moves. HERE COMES THE MONEY When it comes down to making a fat bundle of cash the legit way, businesses are the best option to go for. The business system comes with a decent control panel, allowing you to manage every aspect of your business, such as your safe, stereo, entrance fee, keys and also do various maintenance tasks such as changing your business type, lock, sign and more! But where it gets even more interesting is product management, with the business product management, you can pull down a product from your shelves, change its price tag and re-stock. Re-stocking is a whole another system which is integrated into the business system; you can place re-stocking orders which is then fulfilled by the trucking companies who will deliver the stocks to your business, creating an actual immersion between the jobs in the process. DESIGNATED DRIVER When you hear the term driving license in any Roleplay server, the first thing that comes to your mind is a basic test, but here on UG:RP, we have introduced a licensing system as realistic as possible, resembling the original test sheets that we see in real life. There are four different license types which you can apply for, Driver’s license, CDL license, Boating license and Carriage license. While the first three is obvious, let’s focus on the Carriage license a bit more. Carriage license is directly linked to the import and export system, so if you’d like to start off your own import and export business, or transport goods and merchandise such as vehicles, business stocks, etc… you need to hold a Carriage license or you might end up having legal troubles, do note that this license won’t be to any use if you’re transporting illegal items. GOOD LOOKIN Clothing is one of the most important aspects of GTA Underground and UG:RP as a whole, so we’ve designed the perfect system for it. So who isn’t tired of the simple m_selection menu we saw for clothing menus in every single server? Thanks to UG:MP, we’ve designed the perfect menu for the clothing shops that you can easily get around with and purchase what you are looking for. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try searching by the ID, class and the price range. Speaking of classes, clothes have different classes, so you won’t find all of the clothes in just one shop, you might need to head over to the downtown fancy clothes shop to pick a suit, while you can find a top tank and a pair of jeans at almost any clothing shop. BOMB HAS BEEN PLANTED Been having trouble with a late taxpayer or need to assassinate someone? What’s better than doing it the good ole fashion way? You can purchase one from the right connections, official factions have the ability to purchase military explosives on the S.N.C (Secure Network Chain), and you can also craft your own explosive by getting your hands on the right materials, however, it might not have the quality of a military explosive. Bombs come in different shapes and types, timer bombs, detonator bombs, proximity bombs and vehicle-borne bombs; some can be crafted while some can only be found on the S.N.C. A LIVING WORLD One of the primary objectives UG:RP is aiming for is a living immersive world, so we’re made the cities more and more interactive with the players. One prime example that we’ve implemented would be the fully functioning Shore Side Vale lift bridge that works just like GTA III. Occasional weather evens will also happen, mostly if there is an ongoing event in the Real Life counterparts of the cities we have thanks to our weather system. There are various more interactions for you to discover, in each city and their surroundings, some may even be Easter eggs. EYE IN THE SKY It might come in handy for surveillance, or if you just want to have fun and take pictures, drones are for you. There are multiple drone designs that you can purchase and use, with different signal ranges, zooming lens, and battery types. Law Enforcement factions also have their own unique drone which comes pre-equipped with infrared and night vision cameras. GLORYHOLE Another new equipment added to the Law Enforcement factions arsenal is the snake cam, be safe and see what lays ahead of you before a breach and a takedown. It also possesses a night vision option, perfect for night-time breaches or low-light environments. The cam is easily moveable in any direction without causing any attention. FORTUNATE SON One of the most wanted features is now finally here, the gambler’s paradise, casino system. Including a wide variety of different games such as Texas Hold’em Poker, Slot Machines, Blackjack, Lottery and Wheel of Fortune. The games have a well-designed UI with a built in help section to teach you about the game if you’re new, being easy to manage and use. Some of the games can only be played at casinos while you can play some anywhere or host your own back room for games such as Blackjack and Texas Hold’em Poker, however it might be illegal without holding an appropriate license or going above the game limits, the risk is up to you to make. THE EYE OF PROVIDENCE Be the seeing eye and see everything, we have a CCTV system implemented with the addition of UG:MP overlays for the most realistic outcome. CCTVs can be dynamically created and placed in-game; Have them installed around the cities for Law Enforcement surveillance, inside banks, your own businesses and even house. CCTVs can be remotely accessed, which depends on their connection range and type, public service CCTVs can only be accessed at certain locations such as control rooms, while cloud personal CCTVs can be checked on the go, regardless of your location. SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY The drug we’ll be talking about in this devblog is nothing but the infamous Marijuana. Weed or Marijuana doesn’t work as a simple /useweed in UG:RP, there are different consumption methods, you can roll a joint or use a bong, this feature does not apply to this drug but other drugs do have different consumption methods as well. You can find tobacco shops around each city where you can purchase bongs, pipes, medical marijuana, cigarettes and more, however, if you’re looking for recreational weed, S.N.C is where you can find it, so you’d better find a proper connection for yourself. S.N.C provides Marijuana bulks or seeds if you’re willing to plant them yourself, however, remember that plants require water and a proper condition to grow as you expect them to, otherwise you’ll either end up getting bad weed or nothing at all. CRACK OPEN A COLD ONE Something interesting, yet not to be properly implemented anywhere… till now. A safe cracking system. Let’s dive in. There are different safe types with different lock and alarm types which can be purchased for either your home, business, garage, warehouse, etc… each type comes with a different price rag depending on the security measures. You can crack the said safes with the right tools, however, the higher the security measures of the safe, the harder it’s going to be to crack. Cracking is a risky task itself regardless of the safe, some safes might send a silent alert to the local police department after a few failed attempts at getting them opened, some might even work with the help of a drill and a crowbar, overall, the risk is definitely worth the effort if you know whose safe to hit. SQUILLIAM FANCYSON What is a Roleplay server without a furniture system? On UG:RP you can customize your interior design from the walls to the tiny bits of details, there are more than 20 categories of items for your to choose from, including several new items added with UG:MP, including empty interior designs, make your imagination shine. USER CONTROL PANEL A new era requires a sleek and modern UCP design, which is exactly what we’ve aimed for. Profile management with a profile picture, MDC and Factions are also accessible for those with proper permissions, create up to six characters and easily manage them without having to log into the game server. View the list of our staff team and read the latest news on the server’s announcement board which is linked to the UCP. TIME TO BUZZ AGAIN You guessed it, Buzzard Beta Test #3, it’s scheduled to come within a day or two after this devblog and last for up to a month! Various bug fixes and improvements have been added to the backend and the actual interface. Included a night mode for easy reading, easier content management and image enhancements. On the other side hand, Buzzard will get it’s very own Windows and Android app, and if possible, iOS too. Apps have native functions that work directly with Buzzard’s API, with their own interfaces. MAPPING SNEAK PEAKS The best way to end this Christmas present devblog is by showing some of the latest mapping additions:
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    If you have been wondering where the cities are and want to get some basic information, take a look at the attached image below. Larger resolution: Distance travel information: The distance between LC and LS: 20 minutes with reefer boat, 6 to 7 minutes with Shamal airplane The distance between VC and LS: 14 to 15 minutes with reefer boat, 3 to 4 minutes with Shamal airplane The distance between LC and VC: 25 minutes with reefer boat, 8 to 9 minutes with Shamal airplane Please do note that San Andreas will not be included in UG-RP for the time being.
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    Hey everyone. It's your boy sick. As we all most likely know, are on a roleplay server (duhh), and I think our goal should be to make our roleplay as realistic as possible, therefore I've decided to make a little guide to enlighten your minds. The most efficient way to improve the server's roleplay would actually be improving your own roleplay, and that's exactly what we're about to jump into. There's quite a lot of stuff you can do to improve your roleplay, and I'll try to list all of them and briefly explain what each of the ways mean and how they work. Now, let's get straight into it. The first and most important way is creating a believeable and interesting background for your character. Now this is something that will harshly improve your roleplay quality, and generally your own understanding of your character. You should figure out how did your character grow up (e.g. he was often bullied and therefore feels extremely submissive, now that he's an adult), how large is his family (how many siblings he has, or if he grew up with just one parent), if he's rather an introvert or an extrovert, how he feels around new people, etcetera. You get the idea. Now, there's this thing that I see a lot, between mostly new roleplayers, and that being that their characters are either born with rich parents, or that they grew up in a forest all by themselves and learned to survive on their own. The issue about these kind of backgrounds is, that they are not believable (yes, it can sometimes happen but it's really rare) and mostly that it's hard to portray a character with this kind of background. Get me, if you set your character to be rich, and then you hop ingame just to find out you have barely enough to buy yourself a car, then that's not the way we want to go. To sum this section up, you shouldn't make a character background, that the game doesn't allow you to roleplay scriptwise, and a background that is realistic and interesting for others. After the first tip, we're moving onto giving your character flaws. Now, you're probably thinking: "Why the hell would I give my character flaws? That's just something that will limit my roleplay and make it harder for me!" And I'm here to tell you otherwise. Flaws are my favourite thing to roleplay, but they can be hard to get the hang of. You need to be careful not to make your flaws too harsh (e.g. your character missing one leg), because that will definetely limit your roleplay. A good example of a flaw would be Post-traumatic stress disorder, stuttering, having to wear dioptric glasses & much more! Flaws will make your character interesting, and if you pick your flaws well, then they will help you have more fun while roleplaying. I'd like to adress "anger issues" and "temper" flaws; they are fine, as long as you don't use them for powergaming. They are okay if your character will get mad over little things, but they are definetely not okay if you're going to DM people over the littlest things. Another good thing to do would be thinking about your character and figuring out details about his personality and appearance. Maybe your character is fat and likes food alot. Or maybe he is a girl that is desperately trying to become a model, even though she isn't the most beautiful. Does your character have any scars, tattoos or maybe a lot of freckles. Even the littlest things can make your roleplay more enjoyable, and not only for you, but for others aswell. Details make perfection. I'd also like to adress something a little bit off topic, but I still want to discuss it here; and that would be making your /me's detailed. Look at these two /me's as an example: * Joshua Hill smiles at Roy. * Joshua Hill sends a swift smile to Roy. He flashes his shiny whites. or; * Joshua Hill takes out his wallet. * Joshua Hill sniffs whilst lowering his hand to his waist level. He digs his hand into his right pocket and ruffles around the insides. His hand then comes out with a black leather wallet packed with business cards. Which one do you like more? I personally prefer the second one. Your /me's can look so much better if you include details in them. It's so simple, yet it makes /me's look so, so, so much better. Ofcourse you aren't always in a situation where you could take the additional few seconds to write a more detailed /me, but when time isn't biting your buttcheeks, this is definetely the way to go. This'd be pretty much everything I wanted to include in this guide, if anyone has a suggestion of something I should add to the list, don't hesitate and shoot me a private message! I hope this helps, the love is appreciated.
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    There won't be any teleportation, or bridges. There will be ways of physically commuting between the two cities; flights and ferries which will take people across. Presumeably at first this will be a plane bot which you buy tickets for and takes you across, but there will be oppurtunities for actual people to run a service to take you across too. If you look at a few of the GTA Underground vids, the flight time between the two cities is a few minutes.
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    first of all, this isnt low/light RP, its heavy RP (so I doubt you will need 100 hours to have guns and 300 to have properties). and there wont be some stupid pay 2 win donator/vip system either. (that is confirmed) so no, a 'free player' wont be limited, and donating won't give you any advantages
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    WCRP from 2010-2013, LSRP from 2013-2019, tried Project Apocalypse & RCRP but never stuck around very long.
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    Its highly unlikely that the cities will be connected. It would also be unrealistic as hell. Even if they wanted to connect them, it would either cost a lot of mapping, or the GTA UG team would have to do it, which they probably won't do. About 'just teleporting there' this won't be a thing. There is no way to just teleport to VC or LC with a shitty script at the airport. You will either have to go by boat or plane which will both take time (7-25m) edit: ok i just realized like 999 million people already commented on this haha im useless
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    Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way to change my forum name, I'll pay via Paypal. Just wondering.
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    mmmmmm burger king
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    As you know(?) heartache FM has launched already and will be an offical station in game so if you'd like to request a song to be on there are two ways to do so on our thread there is a request a song section where you can just fill that out and send it to me in PMs or you can join https://discord.gg/49XyU8F and send the youtube link into #playlist channel! 🙂
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    A "VIP" system will be implemented, however, it will be balanced and not disadvantage anyone. More details will be given out when donations open.
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    FroxZ more like CoxZ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    dem graffitis tho damn
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    There's one I'd like to mention but it got L&A'd recently, something to do with "Not up to standards" idk
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    COMMUNITY EXECUTIVE @Mistah Len - Management, Mapping Team Manager @DiNozzo - Management, Gamemode Development Manager @Tino (valcik) - Management, Faction Management Team Director LEAD DEVELOPERS @DiNozzo - Gamemode Development Manager @Danny - Web Development Manager SENIOR DEVELOPERS @Cezear - Gamemode Developer THIRD PARTY DEVELOPERS @frostyworks - Web Developer