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    INSTALLER FOR b1.0-SNAPSHOT 3.3.10 STANDALONE Many of the people who wanted to install GTA Underground ran into troubles and issues due to the manual installation struggles. With the GTA Underground installer being released, by simply pressing a few buttons, your GTA Underground will be installed, ready to be played. How to? Download all the installer files, place them in one folder and simply run GTA Underground.exe and it will guide you through the installation. Benefits of using the installer: Easy installation Optional features Automatic updater for 3.3.10 patches Start menu and Desktop icons 4 different icons pre-packed DOWNLOAD Installer preview: A lite version of the installer is planned for the users with a limited or slow internet connection, it will be roughly around 2GB or less.
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    UG:MP gives us a number of features that SA:MP didn't have before. So in a way, UG:RP isn't just another SA:MP server, it's a whole new platform. With that, comes the terrible task of learning someone else's work and figuring what's impossible and possible. Many old ways of doing things on SA:MP no long apply to us on UG:MP, for whatever reason. We have a lot more control over your experience on the server. For instance, we can make custom weathers. So instead of the same, mundane red weather applied for almost every drug used; we can give each drug a unique "high". In addition, features that required client installations are being brought over to UG:MP. For example, SA:MP+ allowed server developers to control more about the client. We can show/hide certain GUI elements, hide the grey vehicle squares, adjust check points colors, aircraft height, let you walk/drive on water, etc. The developers of Underground have also let us suggest new features, which by association means ya'll too. So what are some expectations you have for UG:RP? Do you just expect another SA:MP server in a different city? Or an entirely new, almost like a new game, experience? What are some dated systems you'd like to see reimagined, and how so? What are features you've always wanted on SA:MP?
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    Kites in prison are something big. The kites are used to send messages, including contraband such as drugs or even blades - during a block lockdown or in the Isolation. The easiest way to make a kite is by using the fishing line method, using a piece of linen cloth that you would most likely tare apart from your bed sheet, afterward you will attach it to some item such as a small piece of cardboard taken from a milk box or even an empty tube of toothpaste, as long as the object fits beneath the door. Once you have made the kite you will need to send it towards its destination, most likely sending the kite to your neighbor. In some cases, the receiver will need a hook so he can grab the kite as it could take many attempts to land in the right cell. Also when you are going to send a kite towards someone you would usually ask the person if he is "able to receive mail" so you don't cause any issues with other races and so on (landing in the wrong cell). Most of the times when a person lands in Isolation he will be around all the big players, this is their house so you will require to show them respect, this means that if you wish to send your 114, you will have to ask for permission, something like this "Excuse me on the tier, X are you able to receive mail?" While your stay in the Isolation you will have to show respects to all the inmates, saying please, thanks and so on. Usually when the kite lands the person will say "Touch down!" which means that the kite has successfully arrived. The last person to receive the kite will have to flush the kite in the toilet so no tracks are left behind. Some videos that I found on youtube explaining the entire process.
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    Guilty as charged for the OOC friendships but here's the thing. They will be everywhere and it's not avoidable no matter what you do. When people start knowing each other that's going to happen. As of the whole prison thing it does sound rough but really gives good opportunities. i.e. I get prisoned for a week I have to play on my alt (or RP in prison with other inmates) whilst my subordinates take care of business for me. Sounds good. But that should be only the case for like serious crimes, I'm not going to sit 1 week in jail for an unpaid ticket.
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    Thinks he knows what he is talking about
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    Oh wow ur right and it was the first to implement it since 1797 wtf
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    Nope, 28 States has it - including NYC and Florida (Phone)
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    Misdemeanor could just be basic jail sentencing (60 minutes max time in regular police station jail cell) Everything that’s above 60 minute mark (days) would be prison sentencing & all felony charges. I would love to see the three-strike system implemented. The idea begins days-week(s) sentencing - it’s to keep criminal away from the street , that feeling for him being /gone/. Otherwise some people spend bunch of hours online and get released on 2nd day for homicide. Prison sentencing should be harsh , but idea is to keep the bad guy off the street and when the character is gone for few days / week (2 weeks max) , he’d be way wiser to make silly mistake as a criminal and get caught , and those who do not wish to go to jail/ prison - simply don’t do the crime and you won’t do the time. Jail time will always be there for criminal role players , it’s of the territory of being a criminal , it’s all about how long you can stay out of it.(Being creative with your activities , using fronts to smuggle stuff and etc , basic ways to deal substances that won’t put you in cuffs) No shortcuts for jail times, that’s why we need to set up government , justice department and allow people appeal for attorney licenses and with the approved appeal and little process , they’d be able to appeal cases on individuals that are in jail , and if there is no evidence (aka no pictures / videos taken by police) than player may be found not guilty and released with charges dropped. (Phone)
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    Hi. I mod using Blender. I only do SA styled peds, weapons, and objects.
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    he can put as many viruses as he wants as long as i can play ugrp
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    First of all, Kalcor (owner of SAMP) allowed Dkluin to use the base of SAMP to start making UGMP. Dkluin himself has been making the GTA Underground mod since he was 14 back in 2015 and now he's 18 and still at it. If he really wanted to change a code and install viruses in someone's computers he would've made some simple dumb app instead. The client is being developed by Dkluin and Dkluin only which means nobody else can adjust the code. Honestly, I don't see why not to trust it from that perspective.
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    it does. very exciting brother.
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    lets go burger king in may
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    Thinks he knows what he is talking about ❤️
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    Add me on Origin if you play in Asia - DesiSlumpgod
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    Pretty sure that’s in Cali tho
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    There's one I'd like to mention but it got L&A'd recently, something to do with "Not up to standards" idk