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    not the best but i like these some of my stuff
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    Good tutorial. But otherwise I'd like to see Screenshots and videos. It would be better to understand.
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    INTRODUCTION After almost two months, the seventh development blog is finally here, bigger than ever. We're all working towards one common goal, which is immersion. This development blog with cover some of the most important unique key features. INSTRUMENTS This is still in conceptual stages of development, this might not make it for the initial release, but it's certainly a planned feature. This is one of the most wanted features in almost every SAMP/MTA Roleplay community, now possible thanks to what UGMP has to offer, You will be able to purchase an instrument, learn about it and increase your knowledge, and as you progress, you will be able to play more songs in a better quality, you can host concerts, play at your local saloon or on the corner of the street, imagination is your only limitation with the instrument system. TOODAMNHOT Something that would add to the immersion, is details and realism. A Synchronized Weather Interpolation System as an addition to GTA Underground's weather interpolation system is a great example. This system synchronizes the weathers of each city with their IRL counterparts, for example, LC's weather is synced with NYC and so on, and the ocean in between is synced with the Atlantic Ocean, and of course all of it is done in real time, so if it's raining in Miami, it rains in Vice City too! Take a look at the following pictures and video for better understanding. ADD TO CART Shops now have graphical interfaces with a preview of the item and a short description tag on what you'd like to purchase, you also have the ability to add them to your cart and purchase in bulks, shopping is now way easier in UGRP! COMPASS Since UGRP will feature multiple maps within a very long distance from each other, a compass system is necessary so you can find your direction easily, it can also help you locate islands that are separated around Vice City. Compass is pre-installed on every aircraft and boat. TIME WELL-SPENT Prison Roleplay is one of the important key factors in UGRP, there will be two prisons, Callahan Correctional Facility (LC) and Baxter Prison (VC). CCF is a High-Security Prison located north side of Portland and Baxter is a Medium-Security Prison located on the north side of Escobar International. Sentenced criminals can be sent to each of these prisons depending on what crime they committed, no matter in which state that crime was committed, also inmates can be traded or transported from a prison to another under several special circumstances. PI (Prison Industry) is planned, which will allow you to make some money while being on the inside, nothing too much, but enough to keep you out of your cell. Executions will only be done in CCF, however, the inmate is allowed to serve their time before the execution in Baxter. Prison Break will also be allowed if roleplayed correctly under an administrator's supervision. So basically, Prisons will work like a "mini" version of a server, inside the server. INTERACTION MENU Now you can easily manage your character and perform common tasks as fast and easy as possible with a simple click using the interaction menu. You can quickly check your important statics, choose your walk style from 24 available animations, use your GPS, check your inventory, etc... However, more options will be added into the interaction menu for the initial release, and it will receive an overhaul to its design. ACHIEVEMENTS You can unlock achievements by performing special tasks, do note that these are only unlockable titles and won't give you any type of boost or IC advantage. YACHTS Live the true American Dream, you can purchase your own yacht, available in different colors and designs. You can have your yacht as your primary spawn location and live there, throw parties and easily travel without worrying about anything. Yachts are also found with a discount on Secure Network Chain for those who have access to it. TUNING We're working on a tuning system based on Need For Speed Underground 2, Need For Speed Payback and a touch of GTA 5's Benny's. You'll be able to install Rocket Bunny Body-Kits, Stickers, Neons, different styles of Nitro Purge, additional gauges, and interior attachments, engine customization, an "actual" sound system and many more! Do note that some modifications will be illegal on the streets. RESEARCH AND MANUFACTURING In the previous development blog, we explained about S.N.C (Secure Network Chain) and the way that you can use it to obtain the required parts and items you need, in this blog, we'll explain more on the weapon aspect of SNC. Once you have purchased the weapon parts from your chosen provider, you may deliver them to your factory, where all the actual work happens. Depending on the number of parts and tools you have, you'll be able to manufacture weapons, this process can take a while, depending on what weapon type and how much you want to produce. BETTER BE SAFE THAN SORRY Factions now have the ability to also purchase and own warehouses, where they can easily store massive amounts of whatever they'd like, such as weapons, drugs, etc... GOD'S WAY OF SAYING "YOU'RE MAKING TOO MUCH MONEY" Each state has it's own unique drug, (of course there are common drugs too) and in Vice City, it's none other than pure white cocaine, factions can order the amount of cocaine they'd like from their "out-of-bound" supplier, however, sea bounds and air ways are casually checked and patrolled so there is always a change of getting in huge trouble, but if you're lucky enough and get the right connections, you can make your way to the top of the pile! MAPPING SNEAK PEAKS And as always, we'll end the development blog with some mapping sneak peaks.
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    I'd like to join the police department once I figure out the ins and outs of LC & VC.
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    hey guys. sorry for my absence but some shit cropped up irl. rest assured, the gun pack i promised a while ago is still in works. I and the guys (Colby/Mubber, Sleepy/Xiao n Toxicity/Chara) are gonna finalize it so if u got a suggestion hmu on discord and we'll consider it. here's what we got on our list so far: SA. VZ 58 V variant SA. VZ 58 P variant Swedish AK 5 TEC 9 MP5A3 M21 Sniper Rifle Tango 51 Saiga Sporter Coharie Arms 415 (HK415 clone) Colt Woodsman Hudson P9 and a little sneak peek:
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    Prostitutes himself for influence within the community.
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    jk ur best guy ever i cant roast u :(
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    Like the title says, post your SAMP/UGMP memes & screenshots here.
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    Oh ma gash. When I started reading the tuning section and saw all those options and shit I was like "*GASP*". Now when devblog 8 men?
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    Title says it all, show us what you got! Mine
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    but hey, here is my school PC desktop
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    should probably post this in forum games
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    Haven't tried it yet sir
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    My tires gonna pop like in no time oof
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    Clover is decent and can be used to evade, what heck?
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    sometime probably yeah will carbon racing crew be the coolest race fac!?
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    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no ever resign as staff manager because you cant get enough power, and then make your own server, just to piss off the only members you had!?!?
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    yes, we dutch are very cheesy men are you gonna roleplay something different/new in UGRP?
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    a window, couple computers, some turkish kids in my class that are waiting for windows to update, my external HDD and a desk.
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    1. Whack = (adj) used to describe something that is appalling in nature "That's whack!" 2. Grill = (v) to stare, usually impolitely; to give a dirty look "Fuck is you grilling nigga? Move." 3. To front/Fronting = (v) to lie; acting like you are something that you are not. "Stop fronting like you on that my nigga, no funny shit." 4. Cop = (v) to buy "I'm about to cop some chips, you want some?" 5. Catch these hands = phrase used to initiate a fight "If that girl keeps grilling me she can catch these hands." Variations: throw these hands; throw hands; catch this fade, let's shake. 6. Crusty = (adj) used to describe someone who is dirty or trashy "Girl, did you shower today? Your hair is looking all types of musty, dusty, and crusty." Synonyms: musty; dusty 7. Lit = (adj) used to describe someone or something that is amazing in every sense Variations: litty 8. Mad = (adv) very "Stay away from her, bro. She has mad problems." Synonyms: dumb; OD; stupid 9. Dumb = (adv) extremely "This party is dumb lit.", "I'm about to get DUMMY lit my nigga." Synonyms: mad; OD; stupid 10. Brick = (adj) very cold "Damn, it's mad brick out." 11. Tight = (v) to be upset "Stop running your fingers through my hair; you're getting me dumb tight." 12. Thirsty = (adj) desperate; (n) someone who is desperate "I didn't tag you in my photo because I don't want any thirsties following you." Variations: thirsties (n) 13. Buggin' = freaking out; acting up "My mom just asked me to clean all the dishes even though it's not my turn. She's buggin." Synonyms: wylin'/wildin' 14. Son = (n) a good friend "Of course I know him, that's my son!" Synonyms: B 15. B = (n) a good friend "What's good, B?" 16. Sus = shady or false *Short for "suspect" or "suspicious" "That shordy is mad sus for looking at me like that." 17. Deadass/dead = (adj) seriously "You're dead ass getting me tight, B.", "I dead got her number bro." *Could also be used as follows: "Dead ass?" = Are you serious? "Dead ass!" = Yes. 18. Guap = (n) money "Okay, this to all of my enemies that seeing me gettin' guap right now." -- Big Sean Synonyms: Mulah; dough; casheesh, breesh, shmula, shmoney 19. Grimey = (adj) used to describe a back-stabber "I'm telling you, bro. He's mad grimey, don't trust him." 20. You woulda thought = a more exciting way to say "no" "You woulda thought I was going to let you use my laptop to log on to your shady-ass websites." 21. OD/Ohdee/Odee = (adj) excessive; an abbreviation for "over-doing" "Man, my professor just assigned OD work on BlackBoard." Synonyms: mad; dumb 23. Facts = (adj) something that is rooted in truth "That's a fact, B." Synonyms: true, fizz, fizzy, fendi 25. Wavy = (adj) used to describe something that is cool or nice "I’m so wavy in the turbo Porsche, she so wavy in the new Mercedes" -- Ty Dolla $ign Synonyms: dope, lit(edited) 26. Kicks = (n) sneakers "Where'd you cop those kicks from?" 27. Beef = (n) having a fight or holding a grudge against another person or group of people "Tommy told me you guys have beef." 27. Wylin/Wildin = To be irrational, or to do something crazy. "This nigga ate my chips? Yeah that nigga is wyling, that's facts too." 28. Snuff = To punch or hit "Bro this nigga was grilling my shit mad hard no homo, I was about to snuff that nigga in his mouth." synonyms: Rock 29. Breesh- Money 30. Treesh- Thot, Hoe 31. Skeezah= Thot, Hoe 32. Cyph= To smoke weed(edited) 33. Go Black- To express anger "I'm about t go black on this nigga if he keep chatting bro" 34. Chatting= When someone is talking shit or lying "Bro this nigga did not cuff her bro, he fucking chatting" 35. Yerrrrr= A greet every new yorker uses 36. Bean= A dollar 37. "Word to my dead", "Word to my mother", "That's word too.", "Say word?" 38. "No Funny shit" = Being serious or synoym to deadass 39. My Guy, My guyzer = A friend 40. Wock = To move weird, to look suspicious "Bro that nigga moving wocky he sus" 41. Hollywood = "Just because this nigga got some money, he acting hollywood and shit" 42. "I'm not even gonna hold you" = To be honest 43. I'm about to get in my bag = "I'm about to get in my bag, you keep chatting, I'ma violate." 44. Gas/AMP = Instigating or making a situation worse/ Also means making something bigger than it is "Nigga he not that fly stop gassing him up", "Bro this shit not that serious stop amping and gassing it up." 45. Jack = Jack means your phone. It could also mean to steal. "Hit my jack later on." 46. Jackin = To claim "I'm jacking Rollin 60 Crip, cuzz." 47. Bodies = The amount of people you had sex with, or someone got killed 48. Dub = I'm not going to do it, cancelled "That party is a dub nigga I'm not going thats word too" 49. Clapped/Smacked/Lit = To be high or drunk 50. Spazz = To go crazy "I'ma spazz on this nigga" 51. Shake = To fight "He keep talkin hot shit, I'm about to shake with him" 52. No shade = To mean no offense "Yo bro no shade but your girl mad ugly.", "Not to throw shade, but you not that good at ball. 53. "You already know the vibes" 54. "I'm about to get LITE bro" = Synonym to getting lit 55. Rock = This has two meanings. It could mean to punch someone. Or to let someone relax for example "He not on shit bro, just let him rock my nigga." 56. Mook = Gay "Bro this nigga smacked Don's ass, he's fucking mook." 57. Cap = Lie. Synoym for chatting as well . "I got ten bodies bro, no cap.", "He really not on that bro he capping." 58. You shitting me? = You serious? 59. Shook = To be scared. "I ran up on him with the blick, I had him SHOOK. 60. Jatty = A fat ass on a female. "Bro you peep that baba treesh ova thea my nigga? SHE GOT THE JATTY, THATS WORD TOO" 61. Busshead = Something good. "No funny my nigga but that ox tail and rice was BUSSHEAD" 62. Chopped = Ugly. "She's fucking chopped my nigga." 63. Chuck = To fake or lie. Synoynm to cap. "All y'all niggas mad pussy, quit the chuck." This is all I could think of, comment or let me know if you remember more than me
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    You know what's ironical? That your response didn't add anything to this thread as well, and for a fact, I can confirm that my response wasn't meant to be funny, if you found it to be a hint of laughter. We both know what's your point of these responses, however I must say, that your edginess keeps me up at night too. Relax.
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    a lot of people have been asking on how you install the said 'GTA Underground' mod, I've decided to make a tutorial on it. first of all, I suggest you install this torrent as it matches UG's needs. It contains GTA SAN's installation. You'll need to install the game using uTorrent, it'll only take about ten minutes for it to finish. I suggest not installing the mod on your current GTA SA folder as it might crash your game. https://www.torrent-zone.com/grand-theft-auto-san-andreas-hoodlum/ when it's finished, you follow the instructions that the torrent gives you on how to install it. After that, you'll need to install Snapshot 3 which is here. https://goo.gl/gYqMrK after you install it, you'll have to drag the files inside the folder that has GTA SA's directory, it has everything on it, so you don't need to install a plugin like CLEO or anything similar to it. after you're done extracting them to your directory, you'll have to install Snapshot 3.1, it contains a few minor updates, I suggest installing this as well. https://goo.gl/yoP625 as said above, you're going to drag the contents inside of the folder to your directory like you did with Snapshot 3. now to Snapshot 3.2, do as said above. https://goo.gl/6Auzu4 all you'll have to do now is install this link and you're done. https://goo.gl/aEnaMb enjoy the mod lads
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    INTRODUCTION Finally, the second dev blog is here and oh boy it's coming with some good news. Yes, we did it, cutscene animations and custom made ones are now available. CINEMATIC SCENES This has been a personal dream of mine, and I'm sure it's the same for you, I always wanted my character to have a better and more "alive" feeling. Now that's possible with custom cutscene animations that can be used, your character will have more realistic motions and actions that make the whole scene more realistic. CUSTOM ANIMATIONS? As you know, GTA SA offers a lot of animations to use, but not enough for a Roleplay server, that's where we come in. We've added a lot of new animations, that will allow a better development and depth into our features, such as carrying and dragging people, taking hostages, new sitting, crouching animations and many more. PREVIEWS: https://imgur.com/qbeBKsi https://imgur.com/ofXc59c https://imgur.com/OXEtYSZ https://imgur.com/VnXlDaP Bonus: https://imgur.com/PRermGz Bonus #2: https://imgur.com/WENQ4cw