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  1. This pretty old and outdated, it will be revamped at some point.
  2. This can happen, but probably only just plain text and a simple colored background due to how SAMP works. I'm gonna deny this for the time being till I figure a way to make them look properly designed and not just a simple low-quality system.
  3. UGRP Progresses with the current timeline. Means it's set in 2018 right now.
  4. Masks can hide your IC name, and everyone will have the normal nametag by default
  5. Project Los Angeles or OGRP, until them greedy cunts banned me for owning a community, besides that, Some RCRP and LSRP.
  6. Applications for the leadership positions of the primary factions (LCPD, FDLC, VCPD and VCFD) are set to be open on 28th September 2018. Applicants are required to attach a handbook which they've written for their desired faction as they submit their application. The handbook must contain the following: Ranks Structure Divisions Equipment Usage Rules of Conduct Feel free to improve your handbook by adding more detail and segments to it, which will increase your acceptance chances as well. Knowledge of PhpBB is optional, yet recommended. You can only apply for ONE faction leadership position.
  7. Liberty City for me, gonna mug people around Chinatown and Red Light District
  8. That's up to developers, but not in UGRP.
  9. Well, GTA Underground was in development since 2015, Underground Multiplayer started only a year ago based on SAMP 0.3.7 thanks to Kalcor and went into full development, it was previously based on 0.2x which wasn't good at all. Let's see this from a realistic perspective, Every SAMP/MTA player wanted to roleplay in LC or VC at some point, but couldn't or didn't, due to the limitations in VCMP or Liberty Unleashed, basically the game engine not allowing a smooth and improved experience as seen in GTA SA's Multiplayer, and with GTA SA's engine, we have MTA and 0.3.7-DL, which allows you to actually have LC or VC in your server, but since it won't be running them natively, it causes stability issues. Now UGMP only shares cores with SAMP and that's about it, I guess you could call UGMP "an improved SAMP". Beside letting you load all assets from GTA Underground, UGMP got a better syncing, more development features and natives and of course, custom animations. You don't need to sit there for two years for a UGMP update to come out like SAMP, it is constantly in development and it's improved every day. And it's still not too late, UIF gets 650+, LSRP gets 300+, RCRP gets 100+, but the way that UGRP is going to renovate roleplay as you know it will definitely be worth peoples attention, considering about 100 new players have joined the Discord Server within less than a week.