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  1. I hope one of these requests be ma helicopter!@! 😄 Glad you people are here working for that, thanks!
  2. There are launchers that can bring the same feeling as stock android tho, and it's a lot more customizable. And I am using Telenor SmartPlus II, my old sony broke. Now I am wondering if I should wait for Redmi 7 Pro or order Pocophone F1 HMMM
  3. Now, I've that one small little dream! To get the helicopter with magnet working! I want to see this thing in MP for ages 😄 Now for the experience of playing UGMP I expect to be one of those huge mods that uses the engine of the game, but have totally different feel to it, as you are playing another game.
  4. Started from Argonath, then moved to IMRP and RCRP while wondering between those too Mudoo RPG opened and I am playing there ever since.