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  1. Here's what I will be doing with my list of characters: Bhodi Chang - Yakuza Boss (VC) Vadik Kozlov - Ex Davis Gang Member (VC continued story from LSRP) John Lambert - Legal citizen, aspirations to be a PD officer (LC)
  2. This is just a brief little something, something, to make it easier for beginners if they want to try and make it onto the server.
  3. It is a guide in general, I have also mixed it in with the server so, y'know...
  4. 22 - my friend Jenson who has gone into the rapping industry.
  5. Very useful, especially for those who want to learn more about slang and well, try to get themselves into gang RP.
  6. I gave you positivity about your thread by saying it was useful and that the comment section was comedic, don't be a cunt over nothing.
  7. That response made me piss myself for the past ten minutes, comedy gold and usefulness in one.
  8. This guide will be mainly directed for new players in the roleplay community and people who may just want to refresh their memory on basic things they may have just forgotten along the line, but anyhow here goes.
  9. In this topic, we should cover things that people have on their mind for UG:RP, this topic should be used for the not so PG family friendly ideas, feel free to use this as a marker to post your ideas here so that the God himself Len may see it.
  10. Starting making avatars for people and other bits and bobs, no price added, here's some examples of my work, feel free to hit me up if you're interested.