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  1. hes in my basement no further details will be given
  2. could you help me fix those spelling mistakes?

    1. Sprenner


      I'm not an english master myself, but sure. Although not right now as I'm at school and have stuff to do.

  3. Hey man can you help me with something? I can't figure out how to make a grey box in a thread.. I am not that good in coding :/

    1. JohnyJasinx


      I am planning on starting a club and I am sure you would like it.. ;)


    2. Sprenner


      I'm not sure how to make a box either.

    3. JohnyJasinx
  4. leader of race crew and ic brother of melanie deveraux :))
  5. Why are you they only one too active in the forums?! lol

    1. Sprenner


      Because there's no release date on the server yet, plus there hasn't been a new devblog for a long time. There really isn't any reason to be active ATM. I'm just hyped for this server thats why I'm so active.

    2. JohnyJasinx