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Sprenner last won the day on December 19 2018

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  • Birthday 02/17/2002

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    Callum Deveraux
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    Vice City, Liberty City

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  1. could u possibly have made worse screens?
  2. acts like he owns vc even though the server isnt out yet
  3. Sprenner

    Extra Sneakpeaks

    tell that bitchboy len to give some more sneakpeaks!
  4. i play but im not adding u on origin >:)))))))))
  5. i cracked my LG Q6's screen after i died in fortnite and threw my phone against a wall
  6. This. Everytime I play servers such as RCRP or LSRP there are just so many things that are far from realistic, or just scripted so badly and so outdated.
  7. From what I've seen UGRP seems to make good use of the new features and natives that UGMP offers, so no, I don't see this as just another samp server. Infact, if I did I wouldn't even be here, samp doesn't interest me at all atm. We might also be getting an entirely new country side w/ city in LC (Upstate Liberty, by AdusPL) so that will be interesting.