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Sprenner last won the day on December 19 2018

Sprenner had the most liked content!

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About Sprenner

  • Birthday 02/17/2002

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    Callum Deveraux
  • City of Residence
    Vice City, Liberty City

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Trophies and Medals

  1. Trigger

    Wow, 185 reputation points, gotta be a trigger finger.

  2. Nuclear Reactor

    100 reactions? This is a self-sustaining nuclear reactor!

  3. Specialist

    Specialist, wow, 200 posts. You're getting somewhere now. You're starting to become a Spam Machine.

  4. Member for 200 days

    Thanks for hanging around for 200 days on UG:RP!

  5. Member for 50 days

    You've been a member of Underground Roleplay for 50 days!