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  1. could u possibly have made worse screens?
  2. acts like he owns vc even though the server isnt out yet
  3. Sprenner

    Extra Sneakpeaks

    For the past couple weeks we have been daily sneakpeaks in the Discord, a lot of people may not have seen these so I put all of them in a video with some music.
  4. Sprenner

    Extra Sneakpeaks

    tell that bitchboy len to give some more sneakpeaks!
  5. i play but im not adding u on origin >:)))))))))
  6. i cracked my LG Q6's screen after i died in fortnite and threw my phone against a wall
  7. This. Everytime I play servers such as RCRP or LSRP there are just so many things that are far from realistic, or just scripted so badly and so outdated.
  8. From what I've seen UGRP seems to make good use of the new features and natives that UGMP offers, so no, I don't see this as just another samp server. Infact, if I did I wouldn't even be here, samp doesn't interest me at all atm. We might also be getting an entirely new country side w/ city in LC (Upstate Liberty, by AdusPL) so that will be interesting.
  9. I agree with this. There are a ton of small awesome things that make this server more unique, but its the big things most people care about. Stuff like yachts, new cities, new cars, new weapons, instruments, and maybe even that hang glider thingy? All in all, from what we've seen from the devblogs and heard from the devs, together everything seems great, there are definitely a lot of new interesting features that make this server unique, and I'm sure there are more to come.
  10. the distance between lc and vc with the fastest boats takes about 7-10m
  11. Its highly unlikely that the cities will be connected. It would also be unrealistic as hell. Even if they wanted to connect them, it would either cost a lot of mapping, or the GTA UG team would have to do it, which they probably won't do. About 'just teleporting there' this won't be a thing. There is no way to just teleport to VC or LC with a shitty script at the airport. You will either have to go by boat or plane which will both take time (7-25m) edit: ok i just realized like 999 million people already commented on this haha im useless
  12. just paypal me like 10$ and ill have your name changed 😎
  13. first of all, this isnt low/light RP, its heavy RP (so I doubt you will need 100 hours to have guns and 300 to have properties). and there wont be some stupid pay 2 win donator/vip system either. (that is confirmed) so no, a 'free player' wont be limited, and donating won't give you any advantages