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  1. Best thing I could suggest is that you choose carefully the words you insert in a roleplay line, and learn to clean up after them if you don't want it to get you in trouble. "Dave Axelson, with both hands lowered and hidden from plain sight, glances around while seated upright inside the car." "Dave Axelson maintains a laid-back facial expression as he reaches for the glove box, clutching and pulling it open." "Dave Axelson subtly and inconspicuously shoves in the 9mm to the very corner of the glove box and quickly retrieves a packet of wet wipes." "Dave Axelson shuts the glove box close, opens the pack, pulls out one piece and wipes his face with it as his left hand reaches up to adjust the rear view mirror." It'll take a lot to perform one simple action of concealing a small firearm, but it will, most likely, get the job done and save everyone the trouble. No need to be a specialist in constructing sentences as long as you're careful with words here. Some players really are just troublemakers, so don't forget to take screenshots in case you run into them morons and they attempt to ruin your day. File a report. You got your evidence.