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  1. Hey, I'm sick and I map recreationally and I only recently joined a medieval-themed roleplay server's mapper team, which is my first actual project ever. Enjoy, love is appreciated. Crenshaw Basement Santa Ana Bodega (+ underground storage unit & gambling den) Sunset Avenue liquors & backdoor poker lounge Ruins turned camp [medieval] Castle blueprint (no furniture) [medieval] Satanist temple & small living space [medieval] Graveyard [medieval] Market infront of the church [medieval]
  2. 2 MINUTE 800x600 SCREENSHOT GUIDE STEP 1 We're going to need two screenshots. One with text only and black/static background (/blindfold) and one with the scenery you want to use. STEP 2 Open up both screenshots so they are both side-by-side. STEP 3 Use the crop tool shown below to choose and select what you wish to showcase in the screenshot. This is helpful to get rid of all unnecessary text that does not have anything to do with the scene or just simply wish to exclude it. STEP 4 Double click the layer shown below to unlock the image to edit. A pop up box will appear then press OK. STEP 5 Right click the layer before selecting "Blending Options..." A pop up box will appear. Set the first blending bar to press 1 and then press OK. You will see the background has gone. STEP 6 Right click the layer and select "Duplicate Layer..." Right click the duplicated layer which will be the first box and select "Merge Visible". STEP 7 Once the two layers are merged, right click the layer once again and click "Blending Options". A pop up box will once again appear. Click on stroke and enter the number 1 where shown below and press OK. This will give your text more visibility so it is seen on the screenshot. STEP 8 Select the move & drag tool before clicking on the text and holding down on the click button to move it over to the picture. You are then free to place the text where ever you see fit. EXAMPLE SCREENSHOT OUTCOME
  3. Hey everyone. It's your boy sick. As we all most likely know, are on a roleplay server (duhh), and I think our goal should be to make our roleplay as realistic as possible, therefore I've decided to make a little guide to enlighten your minds. The most efficient way to improve the server's roleplay would actually be improving your own roleplay, and that's exactly what we're about to jump into. There's quite a lot of stuff you can do to improve your roleplay, and I'll try to list all of them and briefly explain what each of the ways mean and how they work. Now, let's get straight into it. The first and most important way is creating a believeable and interesting background for your character. Now this is something that will harshly improve your roleplay quality, and generally your own understanding of your character. You should figure out how did your character grow up (e.g. he was often bullied and therefore feels extremely submissive, now that he's an adult), how large is his family (how many siblings he has, or if he grew up with just one parent), if he's rather an introvert or an extrovert, how he feels around new people, etcetera. You get the idea. Now, there's this thing that I see a lot, between mostly new roleplayers, and that being that their characters are either born with rich parents, or that they grew up in a forest all by themselves and learned to survive on their own. The issue about these kind of backgrounds is, that they are not believable (yes, it can sometimes happen but it's really rare) and mostly that it's hard to portray a character with this kind of background. Get me, if you set your character to be rich, and then you hop ingame just to find out you have barely enough to buy yourself a car, then that's not the way we want to go. To sum this section up, you shouldn't make a character background, that the game doesn't allow you to roleplay scriptwise, and a background that is realistic and interesting for others. After the first tip, we're moving onto giving your character flaws. Now, you're probably thinking: "Why the hell would I give my character flaws? That's just something that will limit my roleplay and make it harder for me!" And I'm here to tell you otherwise. Flaws are my favourite thing to roleplay, but they can be hard to get the hang of. You need to be careful not to make your flaws too harsh (e.g. your character missing one leg), because that will definetely limit your roleplay. A good example of a flaw would be Post-traumatic stress disorder, stuttering, having to wear dioptric glasses & much more! Flaws will make your character interesting, and if you pick your flaws well, then they will help you have more fun while roleplaying. I'd like to adress "anger issues" and "temper" flaws; they are fine, as long as you don't use them for powergaming. They are okay if your character will get mad over little things, but they are definetely not okay if you're going to DM people over the littlest things. Another good thing to do would be thinking about your character and figuring out details about his personality and appearance. Maybe your character is fat and likes food alot. Or maybe he is a girl that is desperately trying to become a model, even though she isn't the most beautiful. Does your character have any scars, tattoos or maybe a lot of freckles. Even the littlest things can make your roleplay more enjoyable, and not only for you, but for others aswell. Details make perfection. I'd also like to adress something a little bit off topic, but I still want to discuss it here; and that would be making your /me's detailed. Look at these two /me's as an example: * Joshua Hill smiles at Roy. * Joshua Hill sends a swift smile to Roy. He flashes his shiny whites. or; * Joshua Hill takes out his wallet. * Joshua Hill sniffs whilst lowering his hand to his waist level. He digs his hand into his right pocket and ruffles around the insides. His hand then comes out with a black leather wallet packed with business cards. Which one do you like more? I personally prefer the second one. Your /me's can look so much better if you include details in them. It's so simple, yet it makes /me's look so, so, so much better. Ofcourse you aren't always in a situation where you could take the additional few seconds to write a more detailed /me, but when time isn't biting your buttcheeks, this is definetely the way to go. This'd be pretty much everything I wanted to include in this guide, if anyone has a suggestion of something I should add to the list, don't hesitate and shoot me a private message! I hope this helps, the love is appreciated.