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  1. Addition. Crenshaw Basement
  2. Addition. Santa Ana Bodega (+ underground storage unit & gambling den)
  3. It's been a while, but you're still wild.
  4. LSRP, BARP. And around 20 minor communities not really worth mentioning.
  5. Hey, I'm sick and I map recreationally and I only recently joined a medieval-themed roleplay server's mapper team, which is my first actual project ever. Enjoy, love is appreciated. Crenshaw Basement Santa Ana Bodega (+ underground storage unit & gambling den) Sunset Avenue liquors & backdoor poker lounge Ruins turned camp [medieval] Castle blueprint (no furniture) [medieval] Satanist temple & small living space [medieval] Graveyard [medieval] Market infront of the church [medieval]
  6. As any other roleplay server, reading a player’s nametag and roleplaying knowing it straight away is not allowed, as it’s considered metagaming, which is a breach of the community rules. I hope that answers your question.
  7. I don’t think you can, unless you ask an administrator to do it manually.
  8. No. ... Wait. Do you like classical music?
  9. Chrome on PC, Safari on my phone (iOS ftw).
  10. Being active in the Forum Games section!
  11. I have played Absolution alot and I’m a fan of stealth games like Splinter Cell, and even though I haven’t played the 2016 Hitman, I might try this one.