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  1. Guilty as charged for the OOC friendships but here's the thing. They will be everywhere and it's not avoidable no matter what you do. When people start knowing each other that's going to happen. As of the whole prison thing it does sound rough but really gives good opportunities. i.e. I get prisoned for a week I have to play on my alt (or RP in prison with other inmates) whilst my subordinates take care of business for me. Sounds good. But that should be only the case for like serious crimes, I'm not going to sit 1 week in jail for an unpaid ticket.
  2. Its not about small or big features. It is about what UGRP comes into as a whole body that matters along with admins and community. Features alone never made a server succeed.
  3. Yachts were shown already as well as many other things. Read the devblogs. Play the mod.
  4. First of all, Kalcor (owner of SAMP) allowed Dkluin to use the base of SAMP to start making UGMP. Dkluin himself has been making the GTA Underground mod since he was 14 back in 2015 and now he's 18 and still at it. If he really wanted to change a code and install viruses in someone's computers he would've made some simple dumb app instead. The client is being developed by Dkluin and Dkluin only which means nobody else can adjust the code. Honestly, I don't see why not to trust it from that perspective.
  5. Distance travel information: The distance between LC and LS: 20 minutes with reefer boat, 6 to 7 minutes with Shamal airplane The distance between VC and LS: 14 to 15 minutes with reefer boat, 3 to 4 minutes with Shamal airplane The distance between LC and VC: 25 minutes with reefer boat, 8 to 9 minutes with Shamal airplane
  6. UPDATE, I forgot Len replied this to my airline suggestion thread.
  7. The distance between LC and VC: 25 minutes with reefer boat, 8 to 9 minutes with Shamal airplane The Bot pilot will fly 8-9 minutes and you can see through the window travelling. Bot airlines will run only at set times, you can't tell IRL pilots when to fly and when not to as a passenger. If you want to get places on your own time you get a boat or a private jet. (Or use player owned companies later down the road that will have their flights if my suggestions implemented I guess.)
  8. Looks great, a lot of effort went into this I guess too.
  9. Joining the giveaway to have a try at 2nd month.