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  1. I think that its because the devs cant think of more "cool" names for the devblogs.
  2. Pretty amazing. Loving the castle kitchen.
  3. Isn't that the italian hitman who has nothing to do with being italian?
  4. A sick person... in a good way of course.
  5. True, but you never know, HITMAN 2 might surprise us also. From what I've seen lately they are trying to focus at more active targets but the thing that bothers me in the new HITMAN targets is that the targets themselves are never armed, they just walk around with a few guards and thats that. Colombia and Miami are only the two announced levels out of 6 which leaves 4 unknown ones.
  6. Absolution, in my opinion, was the worst game in the series and a massive sin which was redeemed by the 2016 Hitman.
  7. Yeah but can you pin-point what EXACTLY you like about them.
  8. What exactly do you want back from Blood Money? HITMAN 2 is going to feature the briefcase to put your sniper into again and the killcams too.
  9. HITMAN 2 or HITMAN season 2 is nearly upon us. There's gameplay footage of the first mission in Miami and a trailer for second mission in Colombia. Personally, I enjoyed season 1 A LOT and from what I see this season will not be disappointing either. What are your thoughts?
  10. Spreading terror and killing error in the sunny Vice City