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  1. I got a iPhone XS Max now. Crazyy.
  2. Things suggested by Marksman would be very interesting and unique to see. Custom vehicle modding like skins in SAMP.
  3. I was saying we want to see things like the Yachts shown in the devblog. That's why I said "like yachts", but alright. I was just thinking adding more stuff any player would want to try that has never been done before like the yachts.
  4. It needs to show more of those "unique" features that players actually care about. I don't really think people care about whether the weather can change or a bridge can go up and down. Those things are unique don't get me wrong, but we want to see things like the yachts. It would show the server is really unique and would attract more players than this already has.
  5. i hate liberty city but thanks. ya'heard
  6. my rich benefactor.

  7. it does. very exciting brother.
  8. west.

    Marksman's Armoury

    good shit, i like it brother. thanks for the mods.
  9. Title says it all. Count to 20 before a admin posts. Do not spam, do not double post.