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  1. You know what's ironical? That your response didn't add anything to this thread as well, and for a fact, I can confirm that my response wasn't meant to be funny, if you found it to be a hint of laughter. We both know what's your point of these responses, however I must say, that your edginess keeps me up at night too. Relax.
  2. I'll hope it'll live up to trailer promises.
  3. Looking solid, I really like the style of the peds you're pulling off.
  4. LEO, doing casual paperwork and sipping coffee.
  5. Have no words to describe how fantastic that actually sounds. Looking promising as ever.
  6. Vice City, cause this will be the last dance of Lance Vance.
  7. looks good, already can see improvements from your early work, keep it up bud.