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  1. ((ON THE OOC NOTE)) It has been a long time since our last update on the current development of the Vice City Police Department. Due to the importance and impact of our department, a few essential functions had to be properly laid out before we could continue. This being said, we are glad to announce that our lateral transferals will be officially opened up when the "Underground Roleplay" begins its journey and offers everyone announced opening dates. We are aware, that other department, such as Liberty City one has opened one already, and we are truly glad for them, but things being said, we are considering to only open our transferals before the game officially starts. Deliberations for this program began in December. A unanimous vote amongst our Command Staff, the department has decided to hold off on opening the program up to applicants. The department desires to reduce stagnation, fatigue and seeks to open the program within a few weeks of the opening date of "Underground Roleplay". Obvious being obvious, we will be accepting transferals from most of the other Departments, including Los Santos Roleplay, Red County Roleplay, Bay Area Roleplay, depending on the proof and such. If deemed necessary, an applicant may be given an abbreviated or full Field Training Program. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in a Vice City Police uniform.