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  1. True.. ppl do abuse that and call 911 “oocly” if only it was rp’d correctly then im okay with it.
  2. Oh wow ur right and it was the first to implement it since 1797 wtf
  3. Pretty sure that’s in Cali tho
  4. I mean tbh i look at it as another samp server just with more features and in a different city.. it’s not rlly that deep it’s the same game anyways lol
  5. Ay yea but everyone from here uses no shade, facts, kicks, buggin, deadass and especially tight and mad
  6. puggo

    puggo mods! :)

    wip for rcrp priv char
  7. U asked him a question right?? U answered it urself, there’s already boroughs, this can be l&a’d then right?
  8. Ok but menthol isn’t here anymore
  9. Isnt this thread about 6 months old
  10. puggo


    Skippy’s ionic shorts