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  1. Still looking for responses! All suggestions are welcome!
  2. Since I see this question asked literally nearly every day, if not every other day, I will say this; From what I have heard, UG:MP will be releasing sometime early-mid 2019 (current year). But of course that is always subject to change if there happens to be any issues. I do remember hearing, upon releasing UG:MP... UG:RP will be released with it. Let's just hope for the best!
  3. Los Santos Roleplay Red County Roleplay Complex Roleplay Project: Los Angeles Roleplay Then of course you have those one week servers you put effort into, then unfortunately they end up closing for some BS reason. :'D
  4. Not so sure I would want land between Vice City and Liberty City. I feel it is very unique having it so you must fly or go via boat. Pretty sure this would delay the release, as they would have to connect everything and map in land connecting both the cities.
  5. Liberty City Police Department is currently accepting lateral transfers. Find out more information at lcpd.gov (( https://lcpd.undergroundroleplay.com/viewtopic.php?f=129&p=570#p370 ))
  6. Input/Suggestions are still appreciated. Note: LCPD Lateral Transfers are open. https://lcpd.undergroundroleplay.com/viewtopic.php?f=129&t=226
  7. Hello. For those who do not know me, I am Commodore. Recently I was granted leadership of Liberty City Police Department following a successful leadership application. Basically, I do not want to set this department up specifically how I like it but would rather get community suggestions. I have gathered a small team and we are currently internally working on the department getting it setup for the public eye. There is a lot to complete. Suggestions would be great. Where would you want to see this department go? Most departments usually suffer with an infestation of robocops. What can we do to help reduce that? Suggest away! Feel free to message me privately through my discord as well. Commodore#0445