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  1. Started out on DriftAndreas, Crazybobs and Cod5samp in 08/09. I was an admin at Cod5samp when they were trialling Call of Roleplay and that's the first time I even looked at rp. I enjoyed the idea but the server was shit so I searched around and stumbled upon ngg. Spent a good 5-6 years there until the server went to literal shit with everything monetised and my love for military rp being smashed by admins who dictated gameplay. Joined lsrp sometime in 2012 and juggled between ngg and lsrp until it died, now I just switch between lsrp/rcrp and fuck around on Horizon. A lot of them also tried out RegenRP, created by Melvin Harris and Dean Pierce. That didn't last long either. Bella Cool went from SARP to Hz for some reason. SARP is still the sack of shit it always was, Lawless has drifted further and further to being a generic tdm server, nggv2 is literally the worst thing I've seen. LSRP is dying, RCRP is oddly increasing in numbers. Go figure...
  2. Sick stuff from sick, hope you're doing well dude
  3. The Vice City one looks best to me.