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  1. 7.3/10 Too much gold.
  2. Yes, a few times as a kid, but not that much. You like broccoli?
  3. katana which he
  4. Quite well known, is pretty annoying but also great at shitposting. 9/10
  5. So, I'd like to think that most people here in this community love roleplaying, whether it be a cop, a gangstar, a hitman, a crook. So, I assumed most of you might also have played on SA:MP RP servers. If you have, which server did you invest most of your time into? I personally invested around 480 hours of playtime in a RP server known as HZ:RP (Horizon Roleplay), the roleplay there used to be good, but overtime the roleplay quality started to deteriorate. Now only 10% - 15% of the players on that server like to RP. Most of the players are severe MGers and perform a lot of Non-RP stunts, so I had to leave that server, I was unable to play over there anymore because of what it turned into. But enough about that and back to the question. Which SA:MP RP server did you invest your time mostly into?