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ani4real last won the day on January 6

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    Andy Peralta Raven Teles
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  1. @Buster @Cross @Copa Cabana (landed on cross but cross already won so next person wins ye) @Casper @Sqreix pm me discord names
  2. Very active on discord I'd say a solid 8/10
  3. he can put as many viruses as he wants as long as i can play ugrp
  4. reminder reminder giveaway on 8th of feb
  5. can't read this black writing don't warn me please im just saying this color doesn't work on darker themes
  6. mmmmmm burger king

    1. Sprenner


      hell yeah

  7. lets go burger king in may 

  8. We will have news reporters in general in heartache entertainment we already got Magazine going on ran by @LukeDGuy news through the station are possible however the only way is to go live nothing pre recorded as we would have to stop the stream completely to add and play the news segment so I think we'll only be sticking to music on the station but if anyone is interested in being a news reporter then heartache is a great option however I do have a dj accounts so if anyone would like to do news through the station they can get a dj account and go live with it 🙂