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  1. A pile of clothes and a set of earbuds.
  2. Mmmm, you've come a long way baby.

    1. Sprenner


      please let me see my family again

    2. BarelyVisible


      Only for a chocolate  cookie.

  3. If they aren't connected I'd imagine there would be factions dealing with Air Travel and Sea Transportation on the server soon enough.
  4. 1/10 - Sexual Harsment Panda is not NASA approved.
  5. Not a hot guy..? Ceebs hes probs in transition anyway.
  6. A faulty computer motherboard.
  7. The Communist Republic of Australia
  8. Online was a good concept, poorly executed eh I still have it installed, would be nice to complete some more of the content with the right people, otherwise pffft