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  1. Hey man.. could you remove your comment in the TFW thread?


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      Already reported it, no one can delete comments except management atm

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      sorry L&a wasn't actually meant c:

  2. My guess is 16, yet mentally 5-6
  3. Dont care lul waste of a thread
  4. Advertisement was missing from SAMP forums, feel free to share this with people you know that you think need some sort of convincing to join the community, it's all for convenience anyway.
  5. What is Underground Roleplay? Underground Roleplay is the upcoming HEAVY and immersive roleplay server that allows you to roleplay in both Liberty City and Vice City! Underground Roleplay makes use of the GTA: Underground mod and the Underground-Multiplayer (UGMP) client that uses a modified SAMP 0.3.7 core (NOT THE DL VERSION). The GTA: Underground mod combines the GTA 3D universe into GTA San Andreas, which means skins, vehicles, weapons, radio stations, cities and more. The GTA 3D universe includes: GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City Stories, GTA Liberty City Stories, Manhunt 1 and 2, Bully and more custom content made by the GTA: Underground team, still also includes leaked beta content that was cut. All the models that are imported and/or remodeled are remodeled with better textures to fit the GTA San Andreas feel. What can you do in Underground Roleplay? Underground Roleplay offers a vast, in-depth and unique script with little to no limitations due to it being supported by the Underground-Multiplayer natives It includes an in-depth drug system, and with the two separate cities it also encourages smuggling, since both cities have signature drug(s) that you can only produce in that particular city. A tuning system is also included in UG-RP which is based on Need For Speed Underground 2, Need For Speed Payback and a touch of GTA 5's Benny's. You can not only tune the original GTA San Andreas cars more, but also other GTA 3D universe vehicles from GTA III, Vice City, Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories. You'll be able to install Rocket Bunny Body-Kits, Stickers, Neons, different styles of Nitro Purge, additional gauges, and interior attachments, engine customization, an "actual" sound system and many more! Yachts are also included in UG-RP, these yachts are purchasable to anyone with a high enough budget. They're available in different colors and designs. You can have your yacht as your primary spawn location and live there, throw parties and easily travel without worrying about anything. These are just a few features of a vast script to support any type of roleplay you desire, more info and high quality images are available in our devblogs on our forum. The immersive economy In UG-RP everything is immersive, you are the economy and the roleplay, players can affect how the economy works per state, whether it's the prices, laws or regulations; there is no way to grind the server for money, just like real life, you have to use your brain to earn yourself good amount of money, how you do it is up to you. Due to UG-MP's custom natives, it also supports our coin system. It means, that you can have cents, pennies, etc... So your money will look something like $5262.65 and this means more in-depth economy. You'll get government paycheck until you get on your feet, you also can find yourself a job or sing up in a faction to increase your income, however, just like in real life, you need to act smart to make a good load of cash Factions and gangs There are many factions you can become a part of, from VCPD to LSFD, along with planned factions like the FBI and the Coast Guard. These planned factions however will start a few weeks after the launch hopefully, when the community has settled. You can also create your own faction and business, as well as gangs. UG-RP also offers a unique gang system for official factions. Official factions have access UG-RP's darkweb onion network which is called the Secure Network Chain. As a criminal faction leader, you have the ability to use the Secure Network Chain and purchase weapon parts for each weapon type, each state produces these parts but the price rates will change constantly depending on how the market and the sales go, so you might find shotgun parts cheaper in Vice City and heavy parts cheaper in Liberty City for example, but these will change like I said before. Passive roleplay With UG:RP, experience new colors, and tastes in Roleplay that were not possible in the past due to limitations; play instruments, host shows, discover the world with the unique passive features we have on UG:RP! Custom animations One of the features provided by UG:MP, custom animations, now you have more than 200 new animations at your disposal to enhance your roleplay experience, animations contain many new actions, such as cinematic (cutscene-styled) animations, new walking styles, idles , stances, etc... Extra features Attention to detail matters a lot on UG-RP, here are some key features: * Each state has its own unique set of weapons, drugs and vehicles * * UG-RP opens the gates for import/export businesses and factions centered around smuggling contraband * * You can customize your character by changing their hairstyle and many new clothing items * * Each state has it's own government, laws, and economy * * There are various cellphones to choose from, depending on your budget * * Vehicles have functioning odometer (mileage), battery, etc... and need to be serviced by mechanics once in a while * * You can customize your RV or Trailer vehicle's interior * * Drugs have addiction, using them too often and you have to head over to the Rehab * * Drugs have purity * And the list goes on... JOIN OUR DISCORD TO KEEP UP WITH THE DEVELOPMENT http://discord.io/ugrp
  6. Eastern European, speaks for itself
  7. So oblivious to what is going on, that he believes he's leading Clan de Cadaval
  8. Not being able to count in [Forum game] three word story.
  9. and died instantly. New story! Jack left his
  10. He's not a sexist, he just doesn't know what genders are... (Milkway's a lad for starters @Copa Cabana)