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  1. Click here to join the discord: http://discord.io/ugrp Vice City replaces Miami in Florida, and Liberty City replaces New York City in New York. The server has 2 states.
  2. Those "other people" are wrong... x) You should ask the mod developers, not the server developers, feel free to join GTA UG's discord https://discord.gg/ByapKpQ
  3. There wont be NPCs or bots, UGRP policy
  4. Didn't know you mapped for Medieval RP, this looks straight from Mount & Blade, and that's a compliment, good shit dude. Perhaps you could map something for El Oso's Tattoo's huh? PM me if you do any requests <3
  5. Exactly this, can't count how many times I've seen people RP a character without thinking of their background, apart from "I wanna RP a character from that ethnicity/nationality". Well done @sick
  6. Although I myself don't need this tutorial, I do however appreciate that you've put in alot of effort into making this tutorial for the public, can't wait to see what people can come up with! Thanks @sick
  7. Oh shit I love the HK! I'd love to see if you can do a Galil
  8. This is cool and all but where's Devblog #8?!??!! REEEEE! (Nah jokes this looks amazing yall, can't wait! Take your sweet time on the new devblog, shit's gonna be a magnum opes)
  9. and other junk.
  10. Making youtube videos of shitty light/medium RP servers.