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  1. Ani I tought you was a real one.We're frienemies now.
  2. Ani is my waifu, no homo.
  3. Samsung A8 2018
  4. Hello, I want to make a "signature" at the end of my comments but I can't find the option and i need help. Thanks in advance.
  5. I think most people in this community don't know english grammar that good ,so this is usefull.It helped me a little bit.English isn't my first language.
  6. You need 200IQ to understand this. ⬆️
  7. It wouldn't be worth it because he put so much effort in.
  8. I didn't really knew about roleplay servers at start but I played on some decent Romanian servers: 12'-14' Romania Super Stunt - I was obsessed and that server helped me learn the cars. 15'-16' Blue Bugged - Roleplay server (nothing special). 16'-17' Green Bugged - Kinda the same as Blue but I wanted to start from scratch on a new server. 18'-19' B-HOOD - Really popular server but kinda basic Now I don't play anymore,I played at the start of 19 a little bit but I got borred.Conserving energy for UGRP.