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  1. People need to remember that there's a very good reason for scrapping SA; we really want populated areas for roleplay and having SA means having to fill-in Los Santos, Las Venturas, San Fierro, and the surrounding countryside and desert. Time has proven no one wants to RP there, especially now. Why would you when you have LC and VC?
  2. There are going to be custom vehicles implemented into the game client-side.
  3. Some real-life reference: 1,758km between Miami (Vice City) and New York (Liberty City) The way the maps are laid out in GTA Underground is the closest they can possibly be to balance being able to physically get there with realism. Any more distance and there'd be no choice but to teleport, any less and it'd be incredibly unrealistic and would frankly stifle RP.
  4. They're in completely different states so there's no physical way to bring them closer together.
  5. There won't be any teleportation, or bridges. There will be ways of physically commuting between the two cities; flights and ferries which will take people across. Presumeably at first this will be a plane bot which you buy tickets for and takes you across, but there will be oppurtunities for actual people to run a service to take you across too. If you look at a few of the GTA Underground vids, the flight time between the two cities is a few minutes.
  6. I really, really like the fact that you included giving your character flaws. I find that roleplaying a character with a clear personality flaw is always more fun, realistic, and makes for more genuine and sometimes more dramatic character development. It's a skill and a definite sign of maturity to be able to roleplay a character with a flaw and, therefore, also be able to roleplay to lose when appropriate and not take things to heart OOCly. An issue that I found on other servers was that people kept trying to roleplay characters that were perfect; good looking, successful, and strong. Not only is this boring and dull, but also screams that the player is manifesting their IRL insecurities through the game (which is frankly cringe).
  7. San Andreas is being omitted from the server since people have been RPing on it for 10 years. The map will consist of VC and LC, with a series or minor outlying islands accessible by boat. VC and LC will be the only major landmasses.
  8. Like Sprenner said, this is a heavy roleplay server. There are no features to 'unlock' as everything will be available to all players from the very beginning as long as its done so RPly. The only thing that might have restrictions is weapon usage (by which I mean less than 10 playing hours) to prevent people from immediately acquiring guns if people are just joining to DM. As for donations themselves, players must understand that the purpose of their generosity is not to be given an unfair advantage (as this would be non-rp) but to give to the upkeep of the server for things like hosting, DDoS protection, etc. Donators having access to special stuff such as exponentially higher paychecks, free houses, free vehicles, IG money, etc will not be a thing. This is a huge trait of low RP or RPG servers and is a huge no-no for heavy RP. Limiting 'free players' as opposed to donators on a heavy RP server is counterproductive.
  9. Starting to be come rather famous, I'm seeing a lot of Sprenner lately.