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  1. redmi note 6 pro
  2. When making new threads and pasting stuff inside you should also consider the readability for dark themes.

    1. Casper


      remembered seeing this shit a year ago, shit crazy!

  4. There will be vehicles implemented from Vice City and Liberty city for sure, more custom vehicles might be implemented in the future.
  5. Discussions in this thread! Personally excited about the game and buying it straight the 26th, what about you?
  6. Yeah, opinions about the famous game and online mode? Personally I think Take Two ruined the online game, it was great way back...
  7. Had an iPhone 6 but broke, using some shitty Alcatel phone right now. What about you?
  8. Title says it all, goal is to boost the forum activity a little bit.
  9. What do you guys think? Personally I am HYPED! It will surely kill all the rest survival games! Yfr5qhtovqo XOP7NwQAA9w