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Everything posted by goldencandy610

  1. Is there going to be server sided custom police cars fire trucks ambulances on the server like MTA RP servers do?
  2. The hype is real! this is going to be a great RP server.
  3. Project Los Angeles was a moderator on there also was in the LASD on there made it all the way up to Deputy two. LSRP and BARP
  4. Alright that sounds good thanks guys. 🙂
  5. But it would be really cool then you could either fly get there by boat or drive I wouldn't mind the delay this would be the first server to let you drive to other states.
  6. I mean to be honest I really don't mind driving I would really like it.
  7. I hope people can also like rent a car or drive to the other cities with there cars.