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Found 2 results

  1. Like the title says, give a lil' compliment to the person above you, perhaps even make their day ;) ((Skip me, first to reply is a fair win))
  2. I'd hate to see this server fail because it is such an amazing project and that is why I am very concerned by the scale of the roleplay areas by having Vice City, Liberty City and also Los Santos. What are the expectations of the admin team and those in charge of Underground Roleplay in regards to this? I hope for a soft launch and that the server grows over time but if the roleplay not to be desertious I'd expect a player amount of around 300-400 to be online and I would imagine that to be a far or unrealistic reach. None of the english roleplay servers in SAMP has that kind of playerbase. What are the projections and ambitions set for this server in that regard. I have a little suggestion and that is to drop Los Santos until further. I doubt people will choose Los Santos to roleplay in because of the exotic locations of LC and VC. What are you other people's thought on this, I'd like to hear everyones thoughts.