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Found 7 results

  1. Like the title says, what's the item on the left of you? I'll start! On the left of me, on my desk is my phone, which is in pieces, great...
  2. Like the thread said, roast the person above you! (keep it light-hearted) Feel free, hit me with all ya' got!
  3. Like the title says, describe your character(or planned character) in one word! I'll start off: Rasta ((Jamaican character))
  4. Like the title says,rate the person's signature who last replied from 0 to 10! ((Skip me, first to reply is a fair win))
  5. Like the title says, give a lil' compliment to the person above you, perhaps even make their day ;) ((Skip me, first to reply is a fair win))
  6. You should answer the question above with "YES" or "NO", easy as that. You should write down a question which the user that comments after you will then have to answer. Once you answer either YES or NO to the question the one above you asked, you should write down a question so the game would continue. I will start: Are you going to roleplay an illegal character?
  7. Like the title says, make a story by adding 3 words with every reply, no double posting! For example: Jack and Jill Went up the Hill, you stupid ... I'll start off with: There was once