Development Blog #3 | Accessories & Customization

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Mistah Len

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Mar 5, 2019


Devlogs 3 is here with a short gap. We've been working hard to push the customization to the limits.


It's a bit limited due to how the models are designed, but we did our best to provide the best hair customization for you. You can DIY your character's hair or change the style, for both male and female.


We've added a lot of new accessories for you to purchase for your character, the list is huge, but to name a few, you can purchase duffle bags, purses, different variants of backpacks, new briefcases and zip lock bags. and of course, the capacity is different depending on the size. Non-Storage based accessories can be off duty/undercover police badges, meth pookie, crack pipe, money roll, and money stack, different cigarette brand packs, lighter, Jewish kippah, drug container, syrup container, scarfs, etc...


All the textures and models of the existing objects in SAMP, such as hats, sunglasses, etc... are replaced with the ones from GTA SA Remastered Edition (Android and iOS versions)


Earrings, necklaces, rings, chains, watches, more than 15 of each, they can be purchased in different shops according to their quality class. Also, you need to be careful, moolies can take your jewelry and sell them ?
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