Development Blog #5 | A Greater Insight on Server's Features

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Mistah Len

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Mar 5, 2019


It's been a while since a development blog related to the gamemode's development, but a lot has been changed, added and improved since then, which we'll be taking a look at in this dev blog.


Jobs are almost done, each state will have around 10 unique jobs, 4 common jobs and 4 or 5 special jobs.

  • Unique Jobs: These jobs can only be obtained in one and only one state, these jobs usually fit in with a city's atmosphere, for example, we have Noodle Delivery in Liberty City (Punk noodles) and SpandExpress in Vice City.
  • Common Jobs:  These jobs are available everywhere, jobs like Mechanic, Taxi Driver, Commercial Truck Deliveries fall under this category.
  • Special Jobs: These jobs are risky and cannot be done by everyone, but the payment is decent. You can either go illegal or legal on these jobs, that's up to you, both are risky but illegal ways can attract extra unwanted attention and trouble. Jobs such as ACT (Aircargo Transports) and SCT (Seacargo Transports) go in this category. Also, note that these jobs are integrated with the Import/Export system. We'll be taking a closer look at Special Jobs in another dev blog.



It's something that's expected from every Roleplay Server, masks can be purchased and used at any time and are accessible from the inventory.


Sewer System

Sewer systems are now accessible from various points, either hidden or just an outlet, the sewer system covers Staunton Island in Liberty City, and it's connected to The Bank of Liberty at a certain spot. As for Vice City, the sewer system covers half the Mainland and finishes nearly around Downtown, it's also linked with El Banco Corrupto Grande at a hidden spot.


Vehicle customization

Vehicle Customization is not limited to the visual tuning of your vehicle, you're able to install various modifications on your vehicle, such as security-related ones, like an immobilizer, deeper into vehicle modifications, you can modify your vehicle's accelerator unit so you can perform wheelies.



Dec 29, 2017
this server sucks ass

jk man good job to my homie Tony and Len for doing this shit boiz im proud
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