Development Blog #6 | One giant leap for UG:RP

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Jan 20, 2018


Welcome to the sixth iteration of the Development Blogs! We'll be having another dive into the features, most notably, the Deep Web system and the previously mentioned Special Jobs. Let's begin!


As you know, SA's default HUD is very insufficient for Roleplaying, so we had our own HUD implemented thanks to UG:MP. A minimalistic and simple design which will also allow us to properly integrate coins in the currency as well. Speedometer also contains the vehicle care indicators, the Well-being is also displayed on the HUD which is a subject for another dev blog  :smiling:

PS: Don't mind the greenish background behind the speedometer, it was cropped from another image.



The Happiness Island is added and located right at the bottom of Liberty City, since Vice City received new neons and the Gator Keys, Liberty City needed something to enhance its vibe and atmosphere and it was solved with one easy solution, Statue of Happiness



Who isn't tired of simple jobs where you have to drove from point A to point B and get paid? We're doing our best to implement unique jobs that are anything but a simple drive and get paid job, for this dev blog, we're showcasing the Beach Care in VC and Window Cleaner in LC. In Beach Care, your task is to keep the beach of Vice City clean, you have to cruise around the beach and remove trash, and take them to the Beach Care station. Window Cleaner, on the other hand, is a great addition to Liberty City and blends perfectly with its atmosphere, This job is specifically available in Staunton Island, where you have to clean the windows of the massive skyscrapers of Liberty City, with all the lifter platforms having rooftop access as well.



The way you receive paychecks and cash it has been made to a realistic point, there are various banks per state for you to choose from, once your paycheck arrives, the bank where you have your account registered at sends you a text message, informing you of your paychecks arrival, then you can get a statement of your incoming paycheck for the hour by responding to the said message, you can either let it stack up or cash it at your local bank whenever you want.



The whole process of obtaining weapons illegally is quite advanced on UG:RP. As a family leader, you have the ability to use the Secure Network Chain and purchase weapon parts for each weapon type, each state produces these parts but the price rates will change constantly depending on how the market and the sales go, so you might find shotgun parts cheaper in San Andreas and heavy parts cheaper in Liberty City for example, but these will change like I said before. So if you want a good profit, you'd go for the state where the parts you need are sold at a lower price. You can use the SNC bubble to check your order's status, the time of your order's arrival relays on what you have ordered and how much of it you've ordered. Once your order is ready, you can collect it in bulk or in pieces, and deliver them to your factory where you produce your weapons. Of Course, buying items from other states will have the risk of the Law Enforcement or the FBI's involvement or even a family or a gang from that state might get involved but in order to gain massive profits, you have to take risks.



As promised in the previous dev blog, we will talk more about Special Jobs, specifically, ACT (Air Cargo Transports) which is also a part of the Import/Export system. Owning an aircraft doesn't just mean owning an aircraft, well, it does in the literal sense but you'll be opened to a whole new ball game. You'll be able to transport weapons, drugs, vehicles and even human trafficking in the exchange with, of course, money. You also will be able to do legal and riskless tasks as well which might not pay as much as the illegal tasks do. For example, you can purchase vehicles that are only available in San Andreas and transport them to Vice city, either with a valid permit or without a permit, where if you have a valid permit you have the legal rights to do this, and finally sell the vehicles to the highest bidder. Or you can transport immigrants or wanted criminals for a "small" fee. You also can do the same scenario with illegal contraband such as weapons, drugs, etc... The import/export system's limitation is only your imagination.



We'll end this dev blog with a couple of gorgeous mapping sneak peaks.

Los Santos Fire Department Headquarters

Garage turned into a meth lab




Purchasable Warehouses

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Feb 12, 2018
This is freaking amazing. Good work guys!
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