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Mistah Len

guide Map of Underground Roleplay

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    • By sick
      STEP 1
      We're going to need two screenshots. One with text only and black/static background (/blindfold) and one with the scenery you want to use.
      STEP 2
      Open up both screenshots so they are both side-by-side.

      STEP 3
      Use the crop tool shown below to choose and select what you wish to showcase in the screenshot. This is helpful to get rid of all unnecessary text that does not have anything to do with the scene or just simply wish to exclude it.

      STEP 4
      Double click the layer shown below to unlock the image to edit. A pop up box will appear then press OK.

      STEP 5
      Right click the layer before selecting "Blending Options..."

      A pop up box will appear. Set the first blending bar to press 1 and then press OK. You will see the background has gone.

      STEP 6
      Right click the layer and select "Duplicate Layer..."

      Right click the duplicated layer which will be the first box and select "Merge Visible".

      STEP 7
      Once the two layers are merged, right click the layer once again and click "Blending Options".

      A pop up box will once again appear. Click on stroke and enter the number 1 where shown below and press OK. This will give your text more visibility so it is seen on the screenshot.

      STEP 8
      Select the move & drag tool before clicking on the text and holding down on the click button to move it over to the picture. You are then free to place the text where ever you see fit.


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