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Mistah Len

Staff Roster & Structure

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us.png  @Mistah Len  - Management, Mapping Team Manager

ro.png  @DiNozzo  - Management, Gamemode Development Manager

ro.png   @Tino (valcik)  - Management, Faction Management Team Director
















ro.png  @DiNozzo  - Gamemode Development Manager

pk.png  @Danny  - Web Development Manager


us.png  @Cezear  - Gamemode Developer


fr.png  @frostyworks  - Web Developer

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Introduction to our System

Here at Underground Roleplay, we have created a staff system that is simple and works. It allows us to complete our duties successfully and creates an environment that promotes effective work and good communication. This is necessary in order to ensure that you, the community, have the best experience whilst using our services.

Each and every member of staff has undergone a series of courses to get to where they are now. Each member has to go through the same process as everyone else, so there is no fast-tracking into ranks without going through the same courses as everyone else has undergone. These courses are designated to ensure that our standards are met at all times. Courses may vary from Support Staff Training to Administrative and from there on out to Entry Level Management Training.

Underground Roleplay aims to run an enjoyable and harmonious roleplay experience to which the members are proud to be a part of. This involves all members to display respect and fair play to one another. If a member is made aware of rule breaches or lack of decorum or sportsmanship, it is their responsibility to follow the Chain of Command.


Management Team

  • Community Executive
    • Underground Roleplay is owned and managed by the Community Executives, their task is to manage the operations of the project as a whole, running point on development, financial management, and the marketing of Underground Roleplay. 


  • Community Manager
    • Community Manager is responsible for the welfare of all members of the community along with keeping communications flowing between the development, administrative and management team. They are mainly tasked with keeping everyone in the loop of everything that is going on behind the closed doors of Underground Roleplay.


  • Staff Manager
    • Staff Manager is in charge of the whole staff team, ensuring that the Underground Roleplay staff are well educated and performing their tasks with the utmost professional attitude and in the best interest of our community. Staff Manager also works very closely with the Community Executives with regards to the welfare of the community and the development.


Administration Team

  • Lead Administrator
    • Lead Administrators are tasked with ensuring that the Administrators are properly trained and fulfilling their roles effectively and correctly as possible. They also help the other Administrators with any queries they may have about their roles. They also function as the right hand of the Staff Manager whenever he is unable to respond to an inquiry.


  • Senior Administrator
    • Senior Administrators are in charge of the day to day actions of the Support Team. They ensure that the Senior Support is training all Support Staff correctly, ensure that members are being taken care of, and that server applications are being responded to promptly and correctly. Senior Administrators also assist players with more advanced issues such as compensation requests.


  • General Administrator
    • General Administrators are our second tier support specialists who work rigorously to ensure our community is enjoying their time within our game server, and on our other services, without worrying about violators violating our rules and standards we have set out for them. General Administrator rank is the stepping stone to start reviewing server applications meaning they'll be tasked to approve or decline entry to the server,


  • Intern Administrator
    • Intern Administrators are individuals that have been within our Support Team for quite some time and have decided that they would like to take up more responsibility. These people might be on a trial basis within the Administration Team, but they are more than capable candidates to start taking up more responsibility and to ensure the welfare of our members.


Support Team

  • Senior Support Specialist
    • Senior Supports are individuals that have been within the Support Team for more than two months and have shown that they have an advanced understanding of the community and its systems. They are tasked with assisting any new Support Staff that may find themselves struggling with a problematic case.


  • Support Specialist
    • Support acts as the outer shell of the staff team. While they are the lowest rank, they perform some of the most important duties of the community. They are the first face any new member may run into. They give general assistance with any issues users within the community itself may have, perform roleplay schools, and answer general questions.


Development Team

  • Lead Developer (Web / Game Development)
    • Besides working behind the scenes on the code, Lead Developers are in charge of supervising the entire development process to make sure the development flows, matching our standards, and assisting other team members with the tasks to make sure UG:RP stands out.


  • Senior Developer (Web / Game Development)
    • Once an individual has passed the Third Party Developer phase, they will be given the Senior Developer status, where they can directly work on the code, under Lead Developer's supervision, they will also be given the ability to handle bug reports and suggestions related to their division.


  • Third Party Developer (External Infrastructure)
    • Third Party Developers are the individuals who are hired into a development division (Server or Web) and are given tasks that do not require access to the source codes, mainly to test their abilities and dedication.
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