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devblog Development Blog #8 | The UG:RP Express

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It’s finally here, after the huge gap, Devblog #8 is here, bigger and better than ever as a Christmas gift from the UG:RP team to all of you who’ve supported us over this long journey and had your faith in us, nothing keeps us happier than you guys being on our side as we change the course of Roleplay as we know it, together.




As most of you already know, one of the features provided by UG:MP is custom animations; with the help of that, we’ve added quite a few dancing animations for you to enjoy, but the fun doesn’t stop there. You can learn new dancing moves by progressing and practicing with the interactive dance system. What is Interactive dance system you ask? With the I.D.S system, you can do different dancing moves with different key combinations, allowing you to do amazing and smooth combos, learning new moves as you go. New moves that you learn can include static/dynamic dance animations from which the dynamic ones will be available to use via the I.D.S system to make even greater dance moves.


Skins used in these videos are not included in GTA Underground.




When it comes down to making a fat bundle of cash the legit way, businesses are the best option to go for. The business system comes with a decent control panel, allowing you to manage every aspect of your business, such as your safe, stereo, entrance fee, keys and also do various maintenance tasks such as changing your business type, lock, sign and more! But where it gets even more interesting is product management, with the business product management, you can pull down a product from your shelves, change its price tag and re-stock. Re-stocking is a whole another system which is integrated into the business system; you can place re-stocking orders which is then fulfilled by the trucking companies who will deliver the stocks to your business, creating an actual immersion between the jobs in the process.






When you hear the term driving license in any Roleplay server, the first thing that comes to your mind is a basic test, but here on UG:RP, we have introduced a licensing system as realistic as possible, resembling the original test sheets that we see in real life. There are four different license types which you can apply for, Driver’s license, CDL license, Boating license and Carriage license. While the first three is obvious, let’s focus on the Carriage license a bit more. Carriage license is directly linked to the import and export system, so if you’d like to start off your own import and export business, or transport goods and merchandise such as vehicles, business stocks, etc… you need to hold a Carriage license or you might end up having legal troubles, do note that this license won’t be to any use if you’re transporting illegal items.






Clothing is one of the most important aspects of GTA Underground and UG:RP as a whole, so we’ve designed the perfect system for it. So who isn’t tired of the simple m_selection menu we saw for clothing menus in every single server? Thanks to UG:MP, we’ve designed the perfect menu for the clothing shops that you can easily get around with and purchase what you are looking for. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try searching by the ID, class and the price range. Speaking of classes, clothes have different classes, so you won’t find all of the clothes in just one shop, you might need to head over to the downtown fancy clothes shop to pick a suit, while you can find a top tank and a pair of jeans at almost any clothing shop.






Been having trouble with a late taxpayer or need to assassinate someone? What’s better than doing it the good ole fashion way? You can purchase one from the right connections, official factions have the ability to purchase military explosives on the S.N.C (Secure Network Chain), and you can also craft your own explosive by getting your hands on the right materials, however, it might not have the quality of a military explosive. Bombs come in different shapes and types, timer bombs, detonator bombs, proximity bombs and vehicle-borne bombs; some can be crafted while some can only be found on the S.N.C.






One of the primary objectives UG:RP is aiming for is a living immersive world, so we’re made the cities more and more interactive with the players. One prime example that we’ve implemented would be the fully functioning Shore Side Vale lift bridge that works just like GTA III. Occasional weather evens will also happen, mostly if there is an ongoing event in the Real Life counterparts of the cities we have thanks to our weather system. There are various more interactions for you to discover, in each city and their surroundings, some may even be Easter eggs.






It might come in handy for surveillance, or if you just want to have fun and take pictures, drones are for you. There are multiple drone designs that you can purchase and use, with different signal ranges, zooming lens, and battery types. Law Enforcement factions also have their own unique drone which comes pre-equipped with infrared and night vision cameras.






Another new equipment added to the Law Enforcement factions arsenal is the snake cam, be safe and see what lays ahead of you before a breach and a takedown. It also possesses a night vision option, perfect for night-time breaches or low-light environments. The cam is easily moveable in any direction without causing any attention.






One of the most wanted features is now finally here, the gambler’s paradise, casino system. Including a wide variety of different games such as Texas Hold’em Poker, Slot Machines, Blackjack, Lottery and Wheel of Fortune. The games have a well-designed UI with a built in help section to teach you about the game if you’re new, being easy to manage and use. Some of the games can only be played at casinos while you can play some anywhere or host your own back room for games such as Blackjack and Texas Hold’em Poker, however it might be illegal without holding an appropriate license or going above the game limits, the risk is up to you to make.






Be the seeing eye and see everything, we have a CCTV system implemented with the addition of UG:MP overlays for the most realistic outcome. CCTVs can be dynamically created and placed in-game; Have them installed around the cities for Law Enforcement surveillance, inside banks, your own businesses and even house. CCTVs can be remotely accessed, which depends on their connection range and type, public service CCTVs can only be accessed at certain locations such as control rooms, while cloud personal CCTVs can be checked on the go, regardless of your location.





The drug we’ll be talking about in this devblog is nothing but the infamous Marijuana. Weed or Marijuana doesn’t work as a simple /useweed in UG:RP, there are different consumption methods, you can roll a joint or use a bong, this feature does not apply to this drug but other drugs do have different consumption methods as well. You can find tobacco shops around each city where you can purchase bongs, pipes, medical marijuana, cigarettes and more, however, if you’re looking for recreational weed, S.N.C is where you can find it, so you’d better find a proper connection for yourself. S.N.C provides Marijuana bulks or seeds if you’re willing to plant them yourself, however, remember that plants require water and a proper condition to grow as you expect them to, otherwise you’ll either end up getting bad weed or nothing at all.





Something interesting, yet not to be properly implemented anywhere… till now. A safe cracking system. Let’s dive in. There are different safe types with different lock and alarm types which can be purchased for either your home, business, garage, warehouse, etc… each type comes with a different price rag depending on the security measures. You can crack the said safes with the right tools, however, the higher the security measures of the safe, the harder it’s going to be to crack. Cracking is a risky task itself regardless of the safe, some safes might send a silent alert to the local police department after a few failed attempts at getting them opened, some might even work with the help of a drill and a crowbar, overall, the risk is definitely worth the effort if you know whose safe to hit.





What is a Roleplay server without a furniture system? On UG:RP you can customize your interior design from the walls to the tiny bits of details, there are more than 20 categories of items for your to choose from, including several new items added with UG:MP, including empty interior designs, make your imagination shine.





A new era requires a sleek and modern UCP design, which is exactly what we’ve aimed for. Profile management with a profile picture, MDC and Factions are also accessible for those with proper permissions, create up to six characters and easily manage them without having to log into the game server. View the list of our staff team and read the latest news on the server’s announcement board which is linked to the UCP.











You guessed it, Buzzard Beta Test #3, it’s scheduled to come within a day or two after this devblog and last for up to a month! Various bug fixes and improvements have been added to the backend and the actual interface. Included a night mode for easy reading, easier content management and image enhancements. On the other side hand, Buzzard will get it’s very own Windows and Android app, and if possible, iOS too. Apps have native functions that work directly with Buzzard’s API, with their own interfaces.





The best way to end this Christmas present devblog is by showing some of the latest mapping additions:




House #2:


House #3:


Damaged Business:


Crashed House:


Medical Clinic:


Redlight Complex:




Shore Side Vale Complex:


Tobacco Shop:


Trashed Trailer House:




Chinatown Spa:


FDLC Lounge:


Clothes Shop:


Bank of Liberty:


Adam First Hotel:



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    • By DiPazzi
      After almost two months, the seventh development blog is finally here, bigger than ever. We're all working towards one common goal, which is immersion. This development blog with cover some of the most important unique key features.
      This is still in conceptual stages of development, this might not make it for the initial release, but it's certainly a planned feature. This is one of the most wanted features in almost every SAMP/MTA Roleplay community, now possible thanks to what UGMP has to offer, You will be able to purchase an instrument, learn about it and increase your knowledge, and as you progress, you will be able to play more songs in a better quality, you can host concerts, play at your local saloon or on the corner of the street, imagination is your only limitation with the instrument system.
      Something that would add to the immersion, is details and realism. A Synchronized Weather Interpolation System as an addition to GTA Underground's weather interpolation system is a great example. This system synchronizes the weathers of each city with their IRL counterparts, for example, LC's weather is synced with NYC and so on, and the ocean in between is synced with the Atlantic Ocean, and of course all of it is done in real time, so if it's raining in Miami, it rains in Vice City too! Take a look at the following pictures and video for better understanding.
      Shops now have graphical interfaces with a preview of the item and a short description tag on what you'd like to purchase, you also have the ability to add them to your cart and purchase in bulks, shopping is now way easier in UGRP!
      Since UGRP will feature multiple maps within a very long distance from each other, a compass system is necessary so you can find your direction easily, it can also help you locate islands that are separated around Vice City. Compass is pre-installed on every aircraft and boat.
      Prison Roleplay is one of the important key factors in UGRP, there will be two prisons, Callahan Correctional Facility (LC) and Baxter Prison (VC).  CCF is a High-Security Prison located north side of Portland and Baxter is a Medium-Security Prison located on the north side of Escobar International. Sentenced criminals can be sent to each of these prisons depending on what crime they committed, no matter in which state that crime was committed, also inmates can be traded or transported from a prison to another under several special circumstances. PI (Prison Industry) is planned, which will allow you to make some money while being on the inside, nothing too much, but enough to keep you out of your cell. Executions will only be done in CCF, however, the inmate is allowed to serve their time before the execution in Baxter. Prison Break will also be allowed if roleplayed correctly under an administrator's supervision. So basically, Prisons will work like a "mini" version of a server, inside the server.
      Now you can easily manage your character and perform common tasks as fast and easy as possible with a simple click using the interaction menu. You can quickly check your important statics, choose your walk style from 24 available animations, use your GPS, check your inventory, etc... However, more options will be added into the interaction menu for the initial release, and it will receive an overhaul to its design.
      You can unlock achievements by performing special tasks, do note that these are only unlockable titles and won't give you any type of boost or IC advantage.
      Live the true American Dream, you can purchase your own yacht, available in different colors and designs. You can have your yacht as your primary spawn location and live there, throw parties and easily travel without worrying about anything. Yachts are also found with a discount on Secure Network Chain for those who have access to it.
      We're working on a tuning system based on Need For Speed Underground 2, Need For Speed Payback and a touch of GTA 5's Benny's. You'll be able to install Rocket Bunny Body-Kits, Stickers, Neons, different styles of Nitro Purge, additional gauges, and interior attachments, engine customization, an "actual" sound system and many more! Do note that some modifications will be illegal on the streets.
      In the previous development blog, we explained about S.N.C (Secure Network Chain) and the way that you can use it to obtain the required parts and items you need, in this blog, we'll explain more on the weapon aspect of SNC. Once you have purchased the weapon parts from your chosen provider, you may deliver them to your factory, where all the actual work happens. Depending on the number of parts and tools you have, you'll be able to manufacture weapons, this process can take a while, depending on what weapon type and how much you want to produce.
      Factions now have the ability to also purchase and own warehouses, where they can easily store massive amounts of whatever they'd like, such as weapons, drugs, etc...
      Each state has it's own unique drug, (of course there are common drugs too) and in Vice City, it's none other than pure white cocaine, factions can order the amount of cocaine they'd like from their "out-of-bound" supplier, however, sea bounds and air ways are casually checked and patrolled so there is always a change of getting in huge trouble, but if you're lucky enough and get the right connections, you can make your way to the top of the pile!
      And as always, we'll end the development blog with some mapping sneak peaks.
    • By DiNozzo
      Welcome to the sixth iteration of the Development Blogs! We'll be having another dive into the features, most notably, the Deep Web system and the previously mentioned Special Jobs. Let's begin!
      A NEW HUD
      As you know, SA's default HUD is very insufficient for Roleplaying, so we had our own HUD implemented thanks to UG:MP. A minimalistic and simple design which will also allow us to properly integrate coins in the currency as well. Speedometer also contains the vehicle care indicators, the Well-being is also displayed on the HUD which is a subject for another dev blog 
      The Happiness Island is added and located right at the bottom of Liberty City, since Vice City received new neons and the Gator Keys, Liberty City needed something to enhance its vibe and atmosphere and it was solved with one easy solution, Statue of Happiness
      Who isn't tired of simple jobs where you have to drove from point A to point B and get paid? We're doing our best to implement unique jobs that are anything but a simple drive and get paid job, for this dev blog, we're showcasing the Beach Care in VC and Window Cleaner in LC. In Beach Care, your task is to keep the beach of Vice City clean, you have to cruise around the beach and remove trash, and take them to the Beach Care station. Window Cleaner, on the other hand, is a great addition to Liberty City and blends perfectly with its atmosphere, This job is specifically available in Staunton Island, where you have to clean the windows of the massive skyscrapers of Liberty City, with all the lifter platforms having rooftop access as well.
      The way you receive paychecks and cash it has been made to a realistic point, there are various banks per state for you to choose from, once your paycheck arrives, the bank where you have your account registered at sends you a text message, informing you of your paychecks arrival, then you can get a statement of your incoming paycheck for the hour by responding to the said message, you can either let it stack up or cash it at your local bank whenever you want.
      The whole process of obtaining weapons illegally is quite advanced on UG:RP. As a family leader, you have the ability to use the Secure Network Chain and purchase weapon parts for each weapon type, each state produces these parts but the price rates will change constantly depending on how the market and the sales go, so you might find shotgun parts cheaper in San Andreas and heavy parts cheaper in Liberty City for example, but these will change like I said before. So if you want a good profit, you'd go for the state where the parts you need are sold at a lower price. You can use the SNC bubble to check your order's status, the time of your order's arrival relays on what you have ordered and how much of it you've ordered. Once your order is ready, you can collect it in bulk or in pieces, and deliver them to your factory where you produce your weapons. Of Course, buying items from other states will have the risk of the Law Enforcement or the FBI's involvement or even a family or a gang from that state might get involved but in order to gain massive profits, you have to take risks.
      As promised in the previous dev blog, we will talk more about Special Jobs, specifically, ACT (Air Cargo Transports) which is also a part of the Import/Export system. Owning an aircraft doesn't just mean owning an aircraft, well, it does in the literal sense but you'll be opened to a whole new ball game. You'll be able to transport weapons, drugs, vehicles and even human trafficking in the exchange with, of course, money. You also will be able to do legal and riskless tasks as well which might not pay as much as the illegal tasks do. For example, you can purchase vehicles that are only available in San Andreas and transport them to Vice city, either with a valid permit or without a permit, where if you have a valid permit you have the legal rights to do this, and finally sell the vehicles to the highest bidder. Or you can transport immigrants or wanted criminals for a "small" fee. You also can do the same scenario with illegal contraband such as weapons, drugs, etc... The import/export system's limitation is only your imagination.
      We'll end this dev blog with a couple of gorgeous mapping sneak peaks.
    • By Mistah Len
      It's been a while since a development blog related to the gamemode's development, but a lot has been changed, added and improved since then, which we'll be taking a look at in this dev blog.
      Jobs are almost done, each state will have around 10 unique jobs, 4 common jobs and 4 or 5 special jobs.
      Unique Jobs: These jobs can only be obtained in one and only one state, these jobs usually fit in with a city's atmosphere, for example, we have Noodle Delivery in Liberty City (Punk noodles) and SpandExpress in Vice City. Common Jobs:  These jobs are available everywhere, jobs like Mechanic, Taxi Driver, Commercial Truck Deliveries fall under this category. Special Jobs: These jobs are risky and cannot be done by everyone, but the payment is decent. You can either go illegal or legal on these jobs, that's up to you, both are risky but illegal ways can attract extra unwanted attention and trouble. Jobs such as ACT (Aircargo Transports) and SCT (Seacargo Transports) go in this category. Also, note that these jobs are integrated with the Import/Export system. We'll be taking a closer look at Special Jobs in another dev blog.  
      It's something that's expected from every Roleplay Server, masks can be purchased and used at any time and are accessible from the inventory.
      Sewer System
      Sewer systems are now accessible from various points, either hidden or just an outlet, the sewer system covers Staunton Island in Liberty City, and it's connected to The Bank of Liberty at a certain spot. As for Vice City, the sewer system covers half the Mainland and finishes nearly around Downtown, it's also linked with El Banco Corrupto Grande at a hidden spot.
      Vehicle customization
      Vehicle Customization is not limited to the visual tuning of your vehicle, you're able to install various modifications on your vehicle, such as security-related ones, like an immobilizer, deeper into vehicle modifications, you can modify your vehicle's accelerator unit so you can perform wheelies.
    • By Mistah Len
      The forum software has been switched to IPB! More functionality and more user-friendly.
      Now we have a total of 7 new themes to offer, more to come in the future. Themes include 3 different light scheme variants, a dark variant, and our classic PhpBB theme, as well as two layouts specifically for Vice City and Liberty City.
      Now you'll be able to unlock trophies and medals on the forum by performing certain tasks, these achievements might have some rewards too.
      Now our forum is linked to our Discord Server, you can log in and register using your Discord account, our bot, Luigi is now able to send notifications from the forum to Discord and synchronize ranks.
      With IPB, we're now able to process applications directly within the forum without any need for a code layout.
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