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Common Table Games

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Thought I'd share some common table-top (or floor) games and their rules / how to play them. These are designed to be playable anywhere, not just at Casinos.

Rules were either taken from the Bicycle website or are how I've always played it / what the internet says. It's just a general guide if you've never played them before.

NOTE: This should be read if you want your character to be familiar with these games (and you aren't). If you'd rather learn them in-game from another player; nobody blames you.

General Note: For the seating order, it's expected the player's joined the game in the order they're sat at the table. From the dealer (starting player) counter-clockwise. All games use either: a shuffled 52 card deck, 6-sided die, 28 count domino set.

Betting: Seeing as these games are for fun, the dealer can either make a bet that others will match or leave it out and play just for the fuck of it.


Spades is played with either 2 or 4 people. The player initiating the game will be the dealer, and the seating order should follow the players invited by them to play.

The game consists of hands and can be played to either 200 or 500 points.

Suits and Card Ranking

Cards are ranked as follows (High - Low): A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

The Spades suit trumps all other suits when played. If multiple Spades are played, the highest face value wins.

Any card not matching the lead suit is considered a discard and has no value to the hand.

Tricks (Winning a hand)

Tricks are won when a player plays the highest card of the lead suit. Or the highest Spades card.

In a 4 player game, there are a total of 13 possible tricks winnable.


Bids are placed by all players on the number of tricks they will win in a game.

After all 52 cards have been dealt counter-clockwise to the dealer, the player to the dealers left will make a bid on the number of tricks they will make throughout the game.

In other words, the player's guess on the number of hands they'll win.


Play starts with the player to the dealers left. They start by playing a card of any suit which will be considered that hands lead suit. Going counter-clockwise, players will take turns playing cards of a matching suit. If they have no other cards to play, they must either play a Spade or discard another card.

Winning a Hand

When a player plays the highest card, they win the round and receive the trick. They will then lead the next hand and play and card to determine the lead suit.

Placing Bets

When the dealer starts the game, they can ask the other player's if they want to bet money on the game. Each player will bet the amount agreed upon and the player who wins the game will receive the pot.

Three-Card Monte

While traditionally a scam, this one has a bit of a twist.

The game starts with one person (dealer) asking another to join. Both players are shown three cards, two number values, and a Jack.

The cards flip over and the dealer chooses where the Jack will end up.

The other player must then choose where they think the dealer has hidden the Jack. If they guess correctly, they win the bet. If they do not, the dealer wins.

NOTE: This one is meh'. Animating textdraws is a hassle on SAMP; so it's kind of forced to be random guessing. I requested an easier way to do it so we'll see.

Dice (Street Craps)

Dice is played between two people who take turns rolling two dice. The game continues until an end is called by either player.

The player asking another player will be known as the dealer. They will choose a starting bet to be thrown in by each player every turn. In addition, they will call either high or low which is used on the Starting Roll.

Starting Roll

Each player will throw one of the dice. If the dealer called low and has the lower number they will be the starting player. If they called high and have the highest number they will also be the starting player. If the other player satisfies the conditions, they will start.

First Roll

The starting player will roll both dice. If they roll a 7 or an 11 they will win the hand. If they roll a 23, or 12 the other player wins.

Any other number rolled will be considered their point.

Following Rolls

The player then continuously rolls the dice until they either hit their point again or Crap Out and roll a 7. If the player rolls their point, they'll lead the next hand. If they Crap Out the other player will lead. The leading player wins the hand and a new pot is placed in.

Side Bets (5-9 Bet)

Side bets can be placed by any person watching the game or by the player's playing. Side bets are placed based off the point rolled (Pairings: 5-8, 10-4, 6-9).

Side bets are matched to the game's original bet and placed by both the rolling player and betting person. The rolling person does not have to agree to a side bet.

If the rolling player rolls their match, they win the pot and all side bets. If they roll the pair to their point, they win all side bets. If they Crap Out the other player wins the pot and all betting people win their bet's.


Meant to be a drinking game, 4+ player's must take turns beating the previous person's played card.

Card Rankings

Cards are ranked as follows (High - Low): A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

The Play

The game starts with the person to the dealer's left playing a card or set of cards (matching face value, varying suit). Going counter-clockwise, player's will either play a card (of any suit) that is higher than the previously played; or pass. If the previous card played is part of a set, the next player must play an equal number of cards. I.e. If two sevens were played by Player C. Player D must play two cards of a face value higher than 7. They cannot, however, play one, three, or four cards.

Winning a Trick

A trick is won when all other players have passed on a card played. At this point, all the cards are flipped face down, and the last person to play a card will continue the play. All other players are expected to drink.

Winning the Game

The game is won when the first player has lost all cards. This player will be awarded the status of President. The game continues until one player remains, known as the Scum. After the game is complete, the Scum is expected to drink.


Played with between 2 and 4 people. The play area is considered the Board and the extra dominos the Boneyard.

Player's start with either 7 dominos for 2 players, or 5 for 3 - 4 players.

Starting Player

Once all dominos have been given out, all players reveal their highest matching dominos. That is the one with the most amount of matching dots on both sides.

This domino is placed on the Board and the owner will go first.

Possible Plays

Player's must match any side of a domino in their hand to the side of a free one placed on the Board. If a player does not have any matching dominoes, they must pick one up from the Boneyard until they do.

Winning the Game

The game is won once a player has no more dominoes in their hand. At this time all other player's add up the total number of remaining dots in their hand. This combined number is the number of points the player receives.

The game continues until a player has reached 100 points.


While Poker will always require a Poker Table, I'll still leave a link to the rules if you were interested in reading.

I know that this is a casino game, but I like to imagine some people will have these setup in their hideouts.


Suggestions: Feel free to leave any suggestions below. Either for ways to tweak the rules to fit better for in-game or other games that can be added.

Edited by Cezear
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