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Mistah Len

GTA Underground Snapshot 3.3.10 Standalone Installer

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Many of the people who wanted to install GTA Underground ran into troubles and issues due to the manual installation struggles. With the GTA Underground installer being released, by simply pressing a few buttons, your GTA Underground will be installed, ready to be played.


How to?

Download all the installer files, place them in one folder and simply run GTA Underground.exe and it will guide you through the installation.


Benefits of using the installer:

  • Easy installation
  • Optional features
  • Automatic updater for 3.3.10 patches
  • Start menu and Desktop icons
  • 4 different icons pre-packed





Installer preview:




A lite version of the installer is planned for the users with a limited or slow internet connection, it will be roughly around 2GB or less.

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Thank You UG Staff!!

With this installer, i will be able to download UG Faster and Practical. If there's a installer for then i hope there's one for 3.4, It would help a lot Staff.

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